Nicki Minaj gets candid about Mariah Carey on reality show 'My Truth': 'Mariah has met her match this time'

By Gina DiFalco,

Nicki Minaj appeared in part one of her three-part reality series on E! called Nicki Minaj: My Truth on Sunday.

The new American Idol judge, who was caught on camera feuding with her co-judge Mariah Carey, brought up the Grammy-award winning singer.

"I think that Mariah has met her match this time and I don't think she was expecting to meet her match," Minaj said in an opening teaser of the show, MTV News reports.

The first episode only showed Minaj getting ready to film her first episode, as she’s late to getting to set because of some wardrobe problems.

Celebuzz reports that Minaj also said of her decision to do Idol, “I’m super nervous and anxious for the first day of American Idol. It wasn’t like I made the decision 100,000 percent sure. I’m still second-guessing my decision. I’m probably going to be up to hundredth guess on this situation because I’m human. It’s a big job.”

She also sat down with blogger Perez Hilton, and cleared up some recent rumors that she was feuding with Rihanna.

"So you believe that I told Rihanna to 'sit yo a-- down?' " she asked Hilton. She then cleared up, "No, I never told Rihanna to sit her a-- down."

Minaj is very candid on the show, saying “That relationship that I have with my fans is sometimes the only thing that gets me out of bed. I can be having a horrible day and if I see my fans they make me laugh."

photo courtesy of NBC



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