Nicole Westbrook's 'It's Thanksgiving' video being compared to Rebecca Black's 'Friday' (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Could it be another Rebecca Black in the making?

In a video that has gone viral, Nicole Westbrook gives Black a run for her money with her song “It’s Thanksgiving,” which has already racked up 5.2 million views – although she did get 84,969 dislikes.

USA Today reports that Westbrook sings into a turkey leg at one point, which lyrics such as “Don't be hateful, gotta be grateful” and “The turkey. HEY! Mashed potatoes. HEY.”

The producer behind Black’s “Friday,” Patrice Wilson, is also in the video, showing up at Westbrook’s front door in a turkey costume at one point.

“I had no idea how big this would get,” Westbrook told ABC News.com. “It’s so overwhelming but at the same time it’s so great. I’ve never experienced this before. I haven’t listened to any of the comments, so I don’t know how exactly people are taking this, but it’s so big right now so it’s great.”

In regards to being compared to Black, Westbrook said “I feel like people view us as being really similar, but I’m probably a lot different than her in many ways. They’ve both gotten so many hits and people are talking about it. I guess this is like another déjà vu.”

She added, “It’s not the best thing to be compared to someone else, but I’m OK with it. I don’t really mind. But she is really great and she went through the same things as I do.”



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