NYU student sends private e-mail to thousands

By Shannon Toohey,
An email menat for a student's mother is seen by the world

New York University sophomore Max Wiseltier accidentally sent around 40,000 students an email about a change in his tuition.

When he received an email from NYU that notified him of a change in his tuition, he sent it to his mom asking if he should accept it, but accidentally hit "Reply All", which sent the email to thousands of other students. Not only did they all know his personal financial information, but he sent it directly to them.

The business finance major and computer science minor chalks the mistake up to his old computer freezing when speaking with ABC News today.

According to ABC News, after friends pointed out Wiseltier's mistake, he sent out a follow up "SORRY!!!!!! Gmail switched my reply to reply all!" Students thought the mistake was worthy of sending to online humor site such as Gawker, where his error was highlighted.

Wiseltire received and outpouring of emails in response. Many made light of the situation. He tells ABC News that one of his favorite responses was "Somebody asked all of NYU if they could borrow a pencil." The mistake was a harmless one, but caused quite and uproar of chuckles and emails on the New York University campus today.



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