Obama spends election afternoon teaming with Scottie Pippen

By Jassum Gloster,

Similar to 2008, before winning the kickoff Iowa caucuses, President Barack Obama spent the afternoon of the Election Day playing basketball with NBA hall of famer Scottie Pippen. Obama succeeded in 2008, so he had hopes that it would work again.

According to Yahoo Sports, no matter how you spent Election Day, just the thought of playing pickup basketball with an NBA Hall of Famer on Election Day is fantastic. President Obama did just that playing his routine Election Day game with former Chicago Bulls great Scottie Pippen.

Playing a sport like basketball during a stressful time is very good for one’s health. It gives the mind relief from the one’s busy day. Some people enjoy having a president who enjoys sports as much as Obama does.

According to USA Today, Arne Duncan, the secretary of education said, "we did this four years ago and had a lot of fun...There was real good camaraderie, and he's worked so amazingly hard, it was a chance to relax with friends for a couple of hours. It brought good luck four years ago. Hopefully, it will bring good luck again."

Obama did secure a victory on Tuesday night, so maybe the game did help, after all.



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