Occupy movement finds new cause: Hurricane Sandy relief

By Daniel S Levine,

The Occupy Wall Street movement has found a new cause to focus on - Hurricane Sandy relief. A week after the storm, communities across the Northeast are still cleaning up and this week’s Nor’easter did not help. So, Occupy has decided to ‘Occupy Sandy,’ creating an online system using Amazon so people around the world can donate to relief efforts.

The New York Daily News reports that Occupy set up an Occupy Sandy wedding registry on Amazon, which lists items that people need to make it through the cold nights without power and other necessities. They also have targets for each product and many are very close to reaching the goals.

A @OccupySandy Twitter page was recently set up. On Tuesday, the movement announced that they had received “$577 of work gloves!!! Thanks to everyone who donated!!!”

Another registry targeted to the needs of New Jersey victims of the storm was also created.

“My friends and I talked about how we could improve the donation system while we were walking to the store to buy some food for meals,” Occupy member John Heggestuen told Bloomberg. “We have worked feverishly on this all weekend and now it is blowing up.”

Several other registries have been set up on Amazon for specific regions. You can learn more about the effort at OccupySandy.org.



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