'The Office: The Boat' review

By Matthew Dougherty,

The final season of The Office did it again with another hysterical episode that continues to make previously unlikable characters likable again.

The main plot of The Boat saw Andy dealing with the fallout of his family’s financial woes. He really does not want to give up the family boat. So Erin, in the couple’s sweetest moment possibly ever, got Andy to leave work and take the boat out one last time. They have never been the best couple but the writers are getting them back on track to be at least watchable. Though their last scenes were telling. Andy and Erin may not last much longer, especially with Pete showing clear interest in Erin.

Another plot that got brought back was Angela’s husband, who Oscar has been speculating to be gay for two years now. Well in the last episode we learned they are actually an item behind Angela’s back (serves her right after what she did to Dwight and Andy all those years ago). But the hilarity came here with Kevin, who feared he would not be able to contain the secret. The senator actually showing up was great too as Kevin merely forgot for a few minutes. Classic.

The only other story of the night was an office wide prank on Dwight where he thinks he is a guest on a radio show. Nellie, Jim and Pam worked well together as they got Dwight to think he destroyed the company and the life of David Wallace. Season nine has been stepping up the pranks. I like it.

The Boat was another great addition to the final season. Possibly the best yet. The Office appears to be going out in style.

image: NBC



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