'The Office': 'The Target' review

By Matthew Dougherty,

A long running subplot disappointingly ends and one character is sent seasons backward in development in the worst episode of the season for The Office.

Since Angela started dating the senator Oscar had his suspicions about his sexuality. In The Target things finally came to a head as Angela has figured out Oscar is sleeping with her husband.

The only thing that worked here was Dwight and Angela. Memories of their relationship, and indications that it may continue in the future were the most interesting thing about this disappointing episode. Dwight’s remark that a camera crew has been following them around for nine years was cute. Even cuter was how he called her monkey again.

But then Angela wanted to murder Oscar. That is a step too far for The Office. It was quickly put down in favor for a kneecapping, but this is still ridiculous, and feels like something from season eight.

The climax was ridiculous and fell completely flat. Both emotion and humor wise this was just static and boring. And so ends one of the more clever stories from the last few seasons.

Pam was preparing to paint the mural in the warehouse but lacked the motivation to start, and got distracted by Pete, and the rest of the co-workers’ game. She feels left out, something she got over, oh let’s say, back in season three?

The best story of the night was Jim trying to convince Phyllis and Stanley to cover for him while he helps build his new company in Philadelphia. The two of them spoiling themselves at a lunch was funny but still a little too far. At least Jim’s story is advancing a bit.

This was the worst episode of the season by far. Hopefully the last Christmas special ever will spread a bit of holiday cheer back into The Office.



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