'The Office: The Whale' Review

By Matthew Dougherty,

The Office delivered the best episode of the season last night as we got the return of a classic character and some major signs of finality.

Dwight has to get out of his comfort zone and sell to a woman. Seeing all the ladies of the office try and help him was hysterical. Dwight’s creepy nod was great too (“No, like a human”). His impersonation of a woman was so inappropriately funny too.

But all bets were off when Pam realized the woman Dwight was selling too was Jan. From the Serenity candles, to the Wharhol style paintings, the realization of who they were dealing with was fantastic, as were the clips from the past they chose to show how crazy she was. Jan wanting to get back at David Wallace was great too, and I seriously hope that happens in the future.

Pam was then forced to sit through the painfully awkward slideshow of Jan’s daughter Astrid. Luckily Dwight came in to save the day with Clark, a better replacement for her old assistant Hunter than her current one.

The other major story of the night saw Oscar and Angela investigating the possibility of the senator having a secret affair. Of course, Angela is unaware that Oscar is actually with the senator. By the end Angela realized what was really going on though. I cannot wait to see the fallout from this.

A small subplot advanced Jim’s potential new job. His unavailability puts the opportunity in jeopardy, making Jim realize he might not be able to stay at Dunder Mifflin as long as he may have wanted.

The Whale was the best episode of the season and the best episode since Michael left. Hopefully this final season can keep providing material like this.

Image Credit: NBC Universal



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