Old Navy ads will be bringing back the Griswolds for Christmas

By Jennifer Keating,

Just after the announcement that Chevy Chase is leaving Community, Old Navy will be releasing a series of holiday ads featuring the actor and other key members of the National Lampoon's Vacation cast.

"We have a strategy this season to be doing it all the way, larger than life. Gifts all the way; Cheer all the way," said Michelle Wlazlo, global senior VP-adult merchandising and licensing, as well as interim chief marketer to Ad Age. "When we thought about how we would bring Christmas to our audience with the next round of celebrities, there's no family that's more all the way than the Griswolds."

Much like George Takei's (Star Trek) recent appearance in Old Navy ads, these commercials are designed to bring back favorite characters for 25- to 35-year-old consumers. "[The customer] is responding and thanking us for bringing back some of their favorite people," Wlazlo said. "We're bringing them back in a way that is credible and relevant and fun. We're not making fun of these people they love so much."

Zap2It reports that the first commercial will feature Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, and Juliette Lewis in a reenactment of Clark Griswold's holiday lighting display ceremony from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Watch the real scene below, and get ready for the Christmas season to blind your entire neighborhood, Griswold-style.



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