‘Once Upon A Time’ episode recap: “Child of the Moon”

By Sari N. Kent,

We open in Storybrooke, down in the mines, the dwarves are continuing to mine for fairy dust but want to take a break to go to Happy Hour at Granny’s but Grumpy (Leroy) wants to keep mining. Then, with one really hard swing of his axe, Grumpy (Leroy) makes a hole in the wall..

Shoot to a police car speeding toward the mine.

Shoot to David, Henry and the Mother Superior (The Blue Fairy) arriving at the mine. Grumpy and the other dwarfs show them that behind the wall are diamonds, hundreds of them. The Blue Fairy then asks David if he still has the remains of Jefferson’s magic hat. He shows her that he does and then she tells him to lock it away because they’ll need it. “By this time tomorrow, we’ll have enough magic dust to make it work again,” The Blue Fairy says. “So, Mary-Margaret and Emma…” Henry starts to say but then David says, “That’s right kid. We’re bringing them home.”

Shoot to everybody celebrating at Granny’s. Meanwhile, Ruby is cleaning up when Billy, the tow truck driver appears. He introduces himself as Gus, the mouse from the Fairy Tale land who lived in Cinderella’s fireplace. He then asks Ruby out for a drink after work but Belle appears and Ruby tells him that tonight wasn’t good because it’s “girls night.” After Billy leaves, Ruby thanks Belle, who says she “could spot a girl in trouble. But, he seems really nice,” Belle tells Ruby. Ruby then looks at the clock and tells Belle that “it’s complicated.”

Shoot to Henry having coffee at another booth in the diner. David joins him, sees that Henry is drinking coffee and guesses that he’s trying to stay awake. “Still worried about those nightmares?” he asks Henry, who nods. But, David assures him that when he goes to sleep, he’ll be right there next to him. David then tells Henry to “lose the java and go grab a cocoa.” Henry does so. Then, Spencer (King George) sits in Henry’s place. He congratulates David on taking over the sheriff position. David asks him what he’s doing there. “You may have taken care of me in the old world, but in this world, we get another go at each other,” Spencer tells David, who isn’t afraid of his threats. When Spencer mentions David getting his family back, David replies, “It must be hard for you to watch good win.” Spencer then says, “You still just a shepherd trying to be a prince, you weren’t fit to run the kingdom and you sure as hell aren’t fit to run this town.” But, David replies that the citizens of Storybrooke seem to disagree with him. “By the time I’m done with you, you’re going to wish you’d killed me when you had the chance,” Spencer tells David. David then gets up and tells Spencer that the citizens of Storybrooke already know who he really is and have seen him defeat him before “so if you want to try to take me down…they’ll see it again.” Then, David walks away.

Shoot to David finding Ruby and Granny building a cage out of the freezer in the kitchen of the diner. He asks them why and Ruby tells him that tonight is the first full moon since the curse was broken. David replies that he thought Ruby had learned to control the wolf part of her ages ago but Ruby explains that she hasn’t turned in 20 years, “I can’t let what happened to Peter happen to anyone else.” David then mentions her red hood that kept her from turning into the wolf. Ruby replies that if she has looked everywhere for it and even went to Gold. She doesn’t think it came over with the curse. David then tells Ruby that he trusts her, “Snow trusted you. Wolf’s time or not, I don’t believe you’d hurt anyone.” Ruby tells him that she doesn’t want to take any chances. She then steps into the freezer/cage and Granny closes the door as David watches.

Shoot to the fairy tale land, in the Enchanted Forest. Snow and Red are running from the Queen’s men. One of the guards catches up to them but Snow subdues him. Then, as they run further into the forest, Snow comes upon a Wanted poster saying she’s wanted for “Murder, Treason and Treachery.” Snow rips it off the tree as she and Red keep running with the Queen’s guards not far behind. They find cover as the guards pass them by. Then, Snow takes out the poster and says, “She’s never going to stop, is she?” Red then tells Snow that she has to get away from her because that evening there is a full moon. Red takes out the red hood that keeps her from turning into the wolf and she sees that it has a tear. Snow thinks it will still work. Red reminds Snow what she did to Peter when she was the wolf and tells her that she can’t control it. She then begs Snow to split up so Red can go deep into the woods and hide and Snow will be safe. Snow agrees but makes Red promise to meet her in the cottage by the stream the next morning. Red then asks Snow why she’s being so kind to her when she saw what she did as the wolf. Snow replies, “But, that’s not who you really are. We’re in this together, Red.” Red smiles as she puts her red hood on and goes off. But, a man watches Red as she runs off and his eyes glow like a wolf.

Shoot back to Storybrooke the next morning. Granny comes into the diner and heads for the freezer/cage to let Ruby out. But, she finds the door open with claw marks on it.

Shoot to Henry’s fiery nightmare. He’s screaming as he’s in a room surrounded by fire. As the flames inch towards him, he sees a woman in a white gown on the other side of the room. He calls to her, but he can't see her face. Then, Henry wakes up and Regina is there. Henry then asks her where David is. Regina tells him that David got called away on an emergency and he called her to look after Henry. Then, they notice a bad burn on Henry’s hand.

Shoot to Granny and David in the woods. They find Ruby, who tells them that she doesn’t remember anything that happened and asks David if she did something. He tells her that all they know is that she broke out of the cage and ran into the woods. David then gets a call and tells Granny and Ruby that someone left their car double parked in front of the cannery and he was going to go and check it out. Before he goes he tells Ruby to relax and that everything was going to be okay.

Shoot back to the fairy tale land, in the Enchanted Forest. Red wakes up in the forest, with her red hood on. She’s relieved that it still worked. She finds a stream nearby and takes off the red hood and cape to take a sip. But, a man appears and grabs it. Red chases after him. She finds the man threatening to burn the cape and hood. She begs him not to. The man guesses that the cape and hood protect Red from something. Red feigns ignorance but then the man replies, “You don’t think I know a wolf when I see one?” Red then jumps the man and demands to know how he knows what she is. The man then overpowers her and says, “Because I recognize a child of the moon.” He then shows her is glowing eyes. “You’re one too?” Red asks the man. The man lets Red up, tells her that his name is Quinn and that he picked up her scent the previous night. Quinn then deduces that Red has never been taught about what she is. She replies, “My parents were killed by hunters when I was a baby and my Granny…” “Kept the truth from you and made you wear that,” Quinn interrupts and motions to the cape and hood. Quinn then describes blacking out, losing control and Red’s fear of hurting someone. As Red clutches the hood and cape, Quinn tells her that he knows how she feels but adds, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Red asks him what he means. “What if I told you there was a way to control it. That you’d never be afraid of what you might do again,” Quinn says. Red asks if it’s possible and Quinn then tells her to follow him. She does but when he opens a trap door she asks him if he’s leading into a trick. Quinn and Red enter the trap door and into a cave. There are others there and Quinn tells Red that it used to be the grand hall of a castle. She asks Quinn about the other people and he replies, “We’re all the same. Come, Anita is expecting you.” “Who’s Anita?” Red asks Quinn just as Anita appears, with her wolf eyes aglow. Anita then praises Quinn for “finally finding her.” Anita then tells Red that she’s her mother.

Shoot back to Storybrooke as David, Granny and Ruby check on an abandoned vehicle, which turns out to be Billy's tow truck. Ruby smells blood. They find Billy in pieces. Ruby screams, thinking she did it.

Shoot to Henry and Regina showing Gold Henry’s burnt hand. He says that Henry’s dream is a "side effect" of the curse. Gold then explains that when people fall under a sleeping curse their soul travels to a neverland where it resides until they're woken up. “The world is between life and death, but it’s very real. Even when the curse is broken, sometimes the victims find their way back to the other world,” adds Gold, who then tells them that he can't keep Henry from going back there, but he mixes a potion that will allow him to control his actions in the other world. Gold puts the potion inside a necklace and tells Henry to wear it. “Everything comes at a price from you,” interjects Regina. Gold replies that she couldn’t afford it. ”But, this is for Henry so this one’s on me,” Gold adds.

Shoot back to Ruby, Granny and David with Billy’s torn in half body. David insists that there has to be some other explanation but Ruby insists that she must have killed Billy as the wolf. David then brings up how a few months back Mary-Margaret was accused of murder and that she just needed someone to believe in her innocence. David says that he didn’t believe her and that he wasn’t going to make the same mistake with Ruby. But, Ruby replies that Mary-Margaret was really innocent…she isn’t. “I know who you really are Ruby, even if you’ve lost sight of it,” David replies. People start showing up and Granny thinks they should discuss this elsewhere. David moves to dispense the crowd but Ruby insists that David lock her up in a cell since she’ll turn again that evening and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else.

Shoot back to Red talking to Anita saying that Granny lied to her about her mother being killed. Anita tells Red that Granny stole Red from her when she was a baby and has been lying to her ever since. Red then asks Anita why Granny would do such a thing, “Because she didn’t want you to find out who you really are. She believed the wolf is something to be ashamed of. I see things differently. Humans want us to believe that we’re the monsters. The moment we believe them, that’s when you become one. You’re not the first to learn the truth about yourself through tragedy.” Anita replies. She goes on to say that so many of their kind have spent so many years trying to suppress the wolf that they don’t know how to control it and that they just need “help embracing their true nature.” Anita then tells Red that in order for her to control the wolf within her, she must accept it as a part of her. “You can teach me how to do that?” Red asks Anita, who replies, “Indeed I can.” Anita then tells Red that she can start by getting rid of the cape and hood. Red hesitates but takes it off then hugs Anita.

Shoot to David locking Ruby up in a cell with extra chains at the sheriff’s station. She thanks David, who says she’ll thank him “in the morning, by then I’ll have found who really killed Billy.” He then puts the keys in a desk drawer. Then, Spencer appears. David tells him to get out and attests to Ruby’s innocence but Spencer tells David that he’s letting his emotions cloud his judgment. Meanwhile, Ruby yells at Spencer to leave David alone. Spencer then tells David to hand Ruby over to him and let the town decide her fate. “No, I know just what kind of justice you have in mind,” David tells Spencer, who then threatens to tell the town that David is protecting Ruby because of his “own interests. Then, you’ll have a mutiny on your hands.” Unafraid, David replies, “If you want her, you’ll have to go through me.” “I look forward to that,” replies Spencer as he leaves.

Shoot back to the fairy tale world as Anita is describing to Red the sensations she’ll feel once she embraces the wolf inside of her. We see wolves rushing in a pack through the forest as Anita narrates. She then tells Red that if she feels like the wolf is taking her over she will lose control and blackout as she had before, but if she gives into the wolf, “you’ll realize the truth…that YOU ARE the wolf!” We then see a wolf standing alone in the forest over a pile of dirt then howling at a full moon. Anita continues saying, “And when you accept that, you’ll finally be in control.” We then see Red waking up with Anita and the others standing over her. Red then says she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore and Anita says that Red has “finally become the wolf.”

Shoot to Spencer rallying some of the citizens of Storybrooke against Ruby and David for protecting her. “How many more people have to die before your Prince decides to act? If he won’t protect you, I will.” Spencer then motions for one of the male citizens to break the lock on the sheriff’s station and the angry crowd enters. But, they find Ruby’s jail cell empty with the door ajar. Spencer looks angry.

Shoot to Ruby being chained up at the library and David thanking Belle for letting them keep Ruby there. “It’s not every day you find out your friend is…” “A monster,” Ruby interrupts Belle. “Being hunted, is what I was going to say,” Belle replies. Granny then comments, gun in hand, that the crowd of citizens are six blocks away. Belle is amazed at how well Granny hears. David then says that the only way to get the townspeople to back off of Ruby is to prove that she wasn’t the one who killed Billy. David then tells Granny that he needs her help and tells Belle to call them if the mob shows up. Then, David and Granny leave.

Shoot back to the fairy tale world where Quinn, Red and all of the other wolves sleeping when they awakened by a noise. Red asks Quinn what it was and he replies, “Its hunters.” Red and the other wolves hide but then Snow emerges. Quinn attacks her but Red tells him to let her go, that she’s been kind to her despite seeing what Red can do as the wolf and that she would have never escaped her village alive if it weren’t for Snow’s help. Anita then tells Quinn to let Snow go and he does. Red apologizes to Snow as she asks Red who her “friends” are. “We’re her pack,” replied Quinn. Red then explains that they are like her but Snow doesn’t have to fear them. Anita then asks Snow how she found them. Snow replies that she used the tracking skills Red taught her. Red then scolds Snow because she could have been caught by the Queen’s men but Snow tells Red that she wasn’t leaving without her. Then, Snow wants Red to go with her to the cottage but realizes that Red wants to stay. “I don’t have to be ashamed of who I am here. I found my home, I found my mother,” Red explains to Snow and apologizes to Snow for risking her life to find her. Snow then tells Red that she understands and that she would do anything to be with her mother again. Snow tells Red that she’ll be alright and then they hug. Suddenly, Quinn is shot by an arrow and Snow whispers, “They found me.” Then, a queen’s guard emerges. Anita kills him quickly by snapping his neck. Snow and other wolves fight off the other guards as Red goes over to a dying Quinn.

Shoot back to Storybrooke as Ruby tries to convince Belle to leave for her own safety since the full moon is about to rise. Belle asks if the chains will hold Ruby and she replies that she thinks they will so Belle tells her that she’s staying with her. Ruby then adds that she thinks the town is right to be afraid of her. But, Belle tells her that isn’t afraid of her and tells Ruby that, “Whatever you might have done in your past, David sees the good in you and that tells me one thing…that it’s in there,” and Belle adds that she’s “somewhat of an expert on rehabilitation.” “Maybe you’re right,” Ruby replies but then Ruby locks Belle up and tells her that “the town in right too. I AM a monster and I’m going to make sure that I never hurt anyone ever again. Ruby then tells Belle that she can’t let her stop her and “If the mob wants a wolf, I’m going to give them one. I need to pay for all I’ve done.” Belle replies that they will kill her but Ruby replies, “Isn’t that what I deserve?” as she leaves Belle chained up.

Shoot to Granny and David following Ruby's scent to the trunk of a car. She's not there, but an ax and her red cape and hood are. David thinks the hood was taken so Ruby would have to turn “so whoever killed Billy could pin the murder on her,” David tells Granny, David then breaks into the car and finds the car’s registration. “This isn’t about Ruby, it’s about me,” David tells Granny as he shows her that the car is registered to Spencer. Then, they hear a wolf howling and realize Ruby is out. David is immediately worried that the mob will find Ruby and kill her.

Shoot back to the fairy tale world as Snow apologizes but Anita blames Snow for leading the queen's men to their den. Red vouches for Snow but Anita replies, “Wherever humans go, death follows. The only way to stop them is kill them first. Anita then order the others to tie Snow up and tells Red that when the full moon rises “we’ll feast on a princess.” Red protests but Anita says that Snow must pay for Quinn’s death. Anita then tells Red that she’s made her choice and now she must act like a wolf. Anita then orders Red to kill Snow. When she says she won’t kill Snow, Anita says she will and tells Red “This is what it’s like to be a wolf.” Then, before Red’s eyes, Anita changes into a wolf. Red then turns into a wolf herself and tackles wolf Anita, who ends up getting skewered on something and turns back. Snow then turns Red back with the cape and Red apologizes to her mother, who says Red chose Snow. Red explains she chose herself and that she's not a killer. Anita dies and Red is inconsolable.

Shoot back to Storybrooke. The angry mob, led by Spencer, hears a wolf's growl and follows it to an alley. Spencer prepares to fire on Ruby the wolf when Granny shoots the gun out of his hand with her crossbow. Then, David appears and addresses the mob, telling them that Spencer killed Billy in cold blood and stole Ruby’s cape so it would look like a wolf killed Billy and then the townspeople would question David’s leadership by protecting Ruby. David then begs the mob to “not spill more blood.” He tells the mob that Ruby didn’t hurt anyone and that she’s just scared. As Ruby growls and cowers in the alley, David approaches her cautiously, saying he knows she can control the wolf and not to let Spencer trick her into thinking she’s a monster. The wolf calms down as David kneels down and throws the cape over her. The wolf then turns back into Ruby. “You saved me,” Ruby tells David. “No, you saved yourself. I just reminded you about what you already knew,” he replies. The mob then sees that Spencer has attacked Granny and run off. Ruby and David go looking for him. They find him waiting for them on the edge of the woods by a roaring fire. He tells David he's never going to see his wife or daughter again. Spencer takes Jefferson's hat out from his coat and then throws it on the fire. David draws his gun, but he doesn't fire. "I told you, you should have killed me when you had the chance," Spencer says.

Shoot back to the fairy tale land, in the Enchanted Forest. Red and Snow bury Anita. "I didn't lose my family today, I protected it," Red says and tells Snow that she’s the only person who ever thought it was OK for her to be a wolf and a person.

Shoot back to Storybrooke. David and Ruby stand over sleeping Henry. David thinks he's lost the only way to find Snow and Emma, but Ruby says that she is sure that he'll find another way. She then asks him to go and unlock Belle from the library, then she goes to take advantage of the last few hours of wolf's time by running.

Shoot back to the fairy tale land, in the Enchanted Forest. Present Aurora sleeps and dreams her fiery nightmare. But, this time, she sees Henry, with his necklace. He douses the flames and tells her not to be scared. Aurora wakes up and tells Snow and Emma that she met Henry.



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