‘Once Upon A Time’ episode recap – “In The Deep”

By Sari N. Kent,

We open in the fairy tale land at night and Cora is angry. She confronts Hook, incensed at his apparent betrayal but he tells her that it was all a part of the plan and promises to deliver the compass to her, but Cora tells him she’s going to do things her way from now on.

Shoot back to the island encampment. Cora pulls a heart from one of her many boxes, bringing it back to life through magic. The lifeless bodies strewn about come back to life, picking up weapons as she sends them out after Emma, Aurora, Mulan and Mary-Margaret.

Shoot to Emma and Mary Margaret as they speak to Aurora. They are trying to get as much information about her dreams as they can. Once they’re sure she’s communicating with Henry due to the after-effects of the sleeping curse, they can work with Aurora to send her back to sleep looking for answers, a plan that Mulan isn’t too keen on.

Shoot to the netherworld as Aurora and Henry finally speak to each other. She tells him her name and that she is with Emma and Mary-Margaret, that they’re looking for a way home, but need to defeat Cora to get there and that they need help. Henry then asks Aurora what they need to do to help but before she can answer, Henry wakes up…

Shoot to Storybrooke, Henry awakens from another nightmare to find David and Regina watching over him. He tells them that the girl he’s seeing in his dreams is named Aurora and what she told him about Emma and Mary-Margaret. Upon hearing this, Regina immediately goes to see Gold, who is almost as unhappy to hear that Cora is planning a trip to Storybrooke as she is. He meets Henry, David and Regina at his shop where they decide to put Henry under once again to convey information. What they need to defeat Cora is magical squid ink that was once used to imprison Rumplestiltskin himself. A jar of it is hidden in his cell beneath Snow White and Prince Charming’s castle. Henry tries to relay the message to Aurora in the netherworld, but the flames are too much and Aurora is suddenly pulled away.

Shoot back to the fairy tale land, in The Enchanted Forest, Mulan is trying to awaken Aurora as they’re being attacked by reanimated villagers. The four women fight off the attackers, but Aurora is captured.

Shoot back to the island encampment. In her cell, Cora tells Aurora that, for a little cooperation, she could recover Prince Phillip’s soul from The Wraith, but Aurora isn’t so easily bought by Cora’s offer. While Emma, Mary Margaret and Mulan come looking for her, a raven delivers the message that Cora will trade the compass for Aurora’s life. What Cora doesn’t know is that Hook has snuck into Aurora’s cell, freeing her and gaining her trust. He then sends Aurora back to meet Mulan, Mary-Margaret and Emma, apparently in hopes of keeping his original deal with Emma.

Shoot back to Mary-Margaret, who decides that they should use some of Mulan’s sleeping powder to put her into a deep sleep so she can try to talk to Henry, which shouldn’t be too hard for her since she has been under the sleeping curse before.

Shoot back to Henry awakening from his latest attempt with terrible burns on his arm, David and Regina refuse to send him back to finish the job but Gold insists that it’s necessary and David agrees, but says that he’ll go instead. Regina and Gold then brew up a sleeping curse and David must take it the old fashioned way… with the needle of a spinning wheel. His hope is to give Mary Margaret the information she needs so she can come back and wake him up with True Love’s Kiss, but it’s a big risk. Once he’s under the curse, he arrives in a dark, empty room. Using a charm from Rumplestiltskin, he’s able to find his way into the red, fiery room Henry had been in, and finds Mary Margaret waiting there for him. He chivalrously fights his way through the flames to get to her, but in the netherworld, they can’t touch each other. He tells his beloved about the squid ink, but then Mary-Margaret realizes what’s happened. David will be trapped in the netherworld until she finds a way home to awaken him…and if she fails to defeat Cora and get home at all, he’ll be trapped there forever!

Shoot to Mary-Margaret awakening, panicked now that her David’s life is on the line as well. Emma calms her down, but then they both realize Mulan has left and that she’s taken the compass to trade to Cora!

Shoot to Mulan running through the Enchanted Forest with the compass.

Shoot to Cora and Hook. Cora assumes that Hook let Aurora go. Cora pins Hook up against the rock wall for betraying her yet again. She then removes his hook and scratches his chest with it. “You know I have to kill you,” Cora tells Hook, who replies, “You should try thanking me.” Cora asks him why and Hook tells her that he “brought you a gift. It’s in my satchel.” Cora asks Hook what it is and he replies that the fun of gift giving is in the surprise and tells her to open it. She opens the satchel and says to Hook, “Is that?” Hook replies, “Indeed it is. Now, you’ll get everything you want.”

Shoot to Emma and Mary-Margaret chasing after Mulan, stopping her in the woods not far from the island encampment. Mary-Margaret attacks Mulan when she tries to run away again with the compass. Suddenly, Aurora appears, demanding that Mary-Margaret let Mulan go. Then she explains how Hook let her go. She suddenly seems to know just what to say to calm everyone down and that’s because the words aren’t hers…they’re Cora’s!

Shoot to Cora holding Aurora’s heart and telling what to say to Emma, Mary-Margaret and Mulan. Hook somehow took the Aurora’s heart and gave it to Cora as a gift.

Shoot back to Cora telling Hook how Emma will never trust him. He replies that she doesn’t have to, saying, “All I need her to believe is as I am as genuine because I let the girl go. Your welcome,” Hook tells Cora. Hook then asks Cora for them to begin their journey to Storybrooke. “I hate to travel alone but I’ll be needing the compass,” Cora reminds Hook, who replies, “Which you shall soon have.” Now Cora and Hook have complete power over Aurora and will use her as a means to stop the others and get the compass.

Shoot back to Emma, Mary-Margaret, Aurora and Mulan. With the compass again, when Aurora asks where they are going next, Emma says, “To Rumplestiltskin’s cell.” Aurora replies, “Lead the way.”

Shoot back to Cora smiling.



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