Once Upon A Treehouse

By TheCelebrityCafe.com,

As advancing technology continues to pump out popular plastic gadgets, sometimes we forget the most powerful toy is a child’s imagination. Once Upon A TreeHouse is the solution to pure fun with absolute top-quality that appeals to Moms and children.

Customized wooden dollhouses, intricately patterned doll clothes, miniaturized furniture with dainty details, and handmade dolls sewn together with love and care; Once Upon A TreeHouse is any little girl’s ultimate tea party fantasy. Based off of the entrepreneur sisters’ childhood dollhouse made by their grandfather, their vision encourages old fashioned creativity and family interaction. This business found a niche of satisfying kids with modernized handmade toys that foster imaginary play while simultaneously satisfying parents with their environmentally friendly materials, fair trade business practices, wholesome craftsmanship, and community outreach.

Not only does the child have the chance to create an entirely customized family, house, wardrobe and fantasy world, but they have the pleasure of knowing that when they purchased their new imaginary friend, another handmade doll was given away to a child in need. The void between high tech plastic gadgets and out of date toys has been filled with the sweet smile of a Once Upon a TreeHouse doll and your child’s endless stories about their playtime.

http://OnceUponATreeHouse.com also offers fun games, recipes, and crafts fit for the entire family. Not only do their products spark playful adventures, but Once Upon A TreeHouse also facilitates classic family fun!



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