Oprah calls Justin Bieber the new Michael Jackson

By Slater Katz,

Oprah has deemed Justin Bieber the new king of pop. Forget the iconic tunes of Michael Jackson, to Oprah- Bieber is the master of music.

Bieb’s jams “Beauty and the Beat” and “Baby” have blacked out Jackson’s “Black and White” in Oprah’s world. Fawning over Bieber’s honey colored locks she praised, “There’s never been a star like you,” according to Hollywood Life.

Justin humbly questioned her intense acclamation and Oprah responded:

“Obviously, lots of people compare your audiences to Michael Jackson’s audiences — the screaming fans; and your audiences to the Beatles’ fans. I mean, when I saw the crowd last night, it reminded me of myself and Paul McCartney where girls are gaga. Those tremendous legends, who really changed the face of music for our culture, did not have a stardom like yours — like a rise of stardom like yours. You are a product, to a great to extent, of social media. Therefore, there’s never been a star like you,” reports Entertainment Wise.

Justin does have catchy tunes and a drop-dead sexy bod, but Michael Jackson influenced an entire genre. Only time will tell if Oprah’s prophecy will become a tangible reality.

Photo courtesy of INFDaily



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