'Parenthood' Episode 7 Recap: 'Together'

By Luis Vargas,
Kristina starts chemotherapy

This week’s episode started with Amber and Drew dropping off a get-well basket at Drew’s ex-girlfriend Amy’s house. The gift basket is actually a basket that was given to Kristina because of he cancer. He’s re-gifting a cancer basket. Amber advises him against dropping the basket off, but Drew goes against her advice and ends up walking up the stairs of Amy’s house before being scared off by her dog and running off with Amber.

At the Braverman house Adam is attempting to be Superman and take care of all of the things around the house because Kristina will be starting chemotherapy soon. Kristina receives news that her mother will not be able to come take care of her through the chemotherapy sessions so Adam has arranged for his mother to come and take care of her. Kristina claims she does not need any help around the house, doctor’s orders say that she is not even allowed to hold Nora.

At the same time Adam pleads with Max to take Otis outside so he can “use the restroom,” but Max does not want to and Otis ends up peeing on the kitchen floor. Leaving Adam to clean up the mess.

As Julia picks up Victor from baseball practice she notices that he is not invited to a team member’s house to play with the rest of the team. Victor is in need of some friends so Julia and Joel mull over the idea of inviting Miguel a friend from Victor’s old neighborhood for a “hang out” at the house. The social worker assigned to Victor’s case advises against the idea, but Julia disagrees and arranges for Miguel to come to the house.

Amber and Ryan go mini-golfing on a second date. Amber is horrible at the game; so horrible she almost takes Ryan’s eye out with the ball. Ryan is generous enough to give her a do-over and lend her some tips on how to hit the ball. As Ryan wraps his arms around Amber to teach her how to hold the mini-golf club things heat up and they start making out. The scene cuts to them in Amber’s apartment. It seems like they are no longer taking things slow as Ryan spends the night.

The morning after Ryan greets Amber with sweet kisses. Amber also learns that Ryan takes pills prescribed to him for a condition he picked while in Afghanistan. Amber and Sarah were supposed to have breakfast that morning so she comes over and interrupts Amber and Ryan. After some grilling Sarah finds out that Ryan is the guy who has spent the night over with Amber.

Ryan dresses up and leaves to have some coffee with Amber’s grandfather Zeek. He tries to get Ryan employed at a wheat farm. This reminds Ryan of a farmer in Afghanistan that cooperated with the U.S. soldiers in the army and was killed for doing so. Ryan admits that he feels guilty for the death of the farmer. It becomes clear that Ryan’s war experience is still fresh.

Back at home Kristina feels smothered with Camille helping around the house. Family friends, which Kristina does not look too happy to see, visits her to express their support. They bring Kristina a chicken. I guess chicken is a common food to give when people are sick because Kristina already has four of them in fridge. After the visit Kristina calls Adam to air out all the anxiety his mother Camille is causing her. She says she feels like prisoner in her own home. She explains that she wants to be able to do all of the things she normally does and more importantly she wants her mother to come support her.

Sarah visits the veteran’s community center and accidentally shares that Amber is going out with Ryan. This concerns Zeek because Ryan is going through an adjustment period after coming back from the war and he is worried that Amber will get hurt in the process.

For some reason Drew thinks it is a good idea to go back to Amy’s house to see of she got the basket and if she id doing okay. Unfortunately, for him Amy’s boyfriend Jake from college is at Amy’s house. Jake seems like a nice enough guy he offers to take Drew to school, but him and Drew aren’t exactly going to become bros. At school Drew unloads on Amy about all his family problems when she tries to apologize.

Julia and Joel visit Victor’s old neighborhood to pick Miguel for his hangout with Drew. It turns out to be a great idea because Victor and Miguel have a great time playing some ball. However, Julia realizes that Victor hasn’t opened up to the family like he opened up with his friend Miguel. As a result she decides to learn Spanish something that Victor appreciates a lot.

Kristina expresses her discontent about her mother not coming to support her to Camille and almost breaks down when she convinces Camille that she is fine enough to pick Max up. When Kristina picks Max up she decides to forget the doctor’s orders and have an ice cream cone with her son. She bribes Max to a vow of silence by taking him to the arcade. Camille takes notice of all the stress Kristina is going through and she gives her a flannel shirt that has been passed down to seven cancer patients. The two have genuine heart-to-heart.

Crosby sees that Adam is really stressed out and offers to pay for his drinks at a bar. Crosby never pays so Adam knows that he must look terrible. At the bar Adam almost loses his cool when some jerk at the bar keeps bumping into him. Adam listens to Kristina’s woes and now it’s time for him to unload.

At Amber’s apartment Ryan is restless. Amber wakes up to the sound of siren and she finds Ryan sitting by the window looking out on the streets. She gets out of bed to console him, but he seems like he is not in the mood to talk. It seems like there is something really wrong with him.

Amy visits Drew at Mr. Cyr’s to make sure he is okay. Drew apologizes for his outburst at school and starts to talk about how he feels helpless to his aunt’s cancer situation. As Amy starts to comfort Drew old feelings resurface and the two start kissing. Things seem to get more serious as Drew shuts the door.

The episode ends with Adam by Kristina’s side as she begins her chemotherapy treatment.



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