'Parks and Recreation: Ben's Parents' review

By Matthew Dougherty,

Parks and Recreation delivered the best episode of the season as Leslie and Ben’s engagement finally gave the season focus.

The episode, as you may have guess from its title, saw Leslie finally meet Ben’s parents, a divorced and uncivil pair of characters. But first we got everyone’s reaction to the engagement, which was absolutely priceless. As everyone was telling Ben he better not hurt Leslie.

Once the parents showed up the story got more interesting. Leslie thought she could bring them together with a quilt. Nope. Turns out these two are more than Leslie can handle. But Ben came up with the idea of just getting them to shut up and stay away from each other. A fine solution for now that may need more work in the future. But we got an incredibly cute moment between the newly engaged couple in the cab.

Also at the party, Chris was having mood swings. Rob Lowe continues to be a highlight of the show and watching Ann, April and Andy try to help him was great. April and Andy’s solution was hilariously bonkers.

The one story that did not work quite as well was Tom and Jean-Ralphio starting another company. I thought Tom had already learned his lesson with Entertainment 720 last season. Also, Jean-Ralphio has never been my favorite to watch. But we still got a good Ron Swanson scene at the end where he endorsed Tom.

Ben’s Parents was the best episode of the season yet due to the direction of the stories finally being clear as we head further into season five.

image: NBC



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