'Parks and Recreation' cast perform Pawnee Squares skit (Video)

By Luis Vargas,
Co-creator Michael Shur shares his thoughts on what makes the comedy successful

GQ Magazine recently commended Parks and Recreation in their upcoming “Men of The Year” December issue. The two entities have linked up to provide fans of the show a skit imitating the popular American game show The Hollywood Squares.

All nine cast members, except Nick Offerman who hosts, participate in the skit and answer random questions with random answers. When Offerman asks Aubrey Plaza “Which Olympic gold medalist admitted to peeing in the pool?” Plaza responded “Justin Bieber.”

Watch “Pawnee Squares” below.

Co-creator of the sitcom, Michael Shur, shared his thoughts to GQ Magazine on what makes the show work.

"I think the thing that makes our cast so good," says co-creator Mike Schur, "is they all have very different points of view comedically. There are the improvisers, Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza, and then Aziz Ansari is a stand-up, and then Chris Pratt is this lumbering comedy Great Dane. Everyone has their own superpower."

Leading star Amy Poehler explains that vulnerability is something that the cast tries to achieve on the show. Poehler says, "It's hard to be vulnerable, but it's very important in comedy. It can't be something you tag on at the end with a musical montage. You have to earn it.”

GQ’s “Man of the Year” issue features several covers, including one where pop singer Rihanna wears nothing but a leather jacket, as we previously reported.



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