'Parks and Recreation': 'Leslie vs. April' Review

By Matthew Dougherty,

Another great episode as the season finds its focus.

Can we just talk about the cold open for a second? Leslie meeting Joe Biden was just perfect. Her excitement lit up the screen and made for one of the best smaller moments of the series. Biden was clearly having a good time as well.

Okay, onto the main stories of tonight’s episode. Leslie vs. April, as you may have picked up on from the title, saw two character go head to head. April wants to build a park on Lot 48, Leslie’s own battleground with Pawnee. Literally since the pilot.

But then April thinks she has a friend in Jamm, Leslie’s council nemesis. When he does not want to put a park on the lot but use it for his own needs, April and Leslie end up on the same side again. The scene on Jamm’s front lawn was great revenge for Leslie and April.

Another story this week saw Ben going back to accounting, despite Tom preparing another business plan. I liked that Ben kept getting job offers while Tom got nothing, due to their respective successes. But when Ben finally got to the accounting firm, he quit again and joined Tom on his business plan.

Andy also started testing the water with the idea of being a policeman, but naturally he went about it the wrong way. Chris’ enthusiasm with Andy was great after a cop made the job out to be boring. Then he offered Andy a job as a security guard to try feel out the job.

This was another great episode of Parks and Recreation. This season has quickly found its focus and immediately got better. With a lot of great character growths, this stands as a fantastic episode within the new dynamics.

image: NBC



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