Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 6

By Jemile Nesimi,
"Ben's Parents"

This episode opens in the Pawnee office, while the staff admires Leslie’s engagement ring. Leslie is so excited about getting married to Ben that she wants to tell everyone and “shout it from the rooftops,” which Ben confirms is literal.

Ben and Leslie tell Chris the good news, and Chris thinks that they told him first. He suggests that he follows them around the office, so he can watch the reaction everyone has from the news. As they make the announcement to the staff, they play along that it is the first they heard. Andy is super excited that they are engaged “again.”

Later, Leslie, Ann, and Ben are planning the engagement party. Ben tells Leslie that his parents cannot be in the same room with each other because they hate each other.

Meanwhile, Tom practices his presentation on April and Andy before he tries to convince Ron to invest in his idea, “Rent a Swag.” Andy thinks it is great but April is not impressed. She advises them to tone the presentation down or Ron won’t invest.

Leslie tells Ben her plan to have both his parents at their engagement party and shows him the communal quilt she made, blending their lives together. Ben thinks it is amazing, but he is skeptical her plan to invite his parents will work. Ann makes a toast to the happy couple, prompting the entire staff to tell Ben, “Don’t hurt her.”

Later, as the party is in swing, Ben’s mother arrives and Leslie immediately hands her a glass of wine. Ben begins to think it is going well, until his father walks in with his girlfriend, Uloni. Tension quickly follows; Leslie is determined to fix it and begs Ben to try.

Ann asks April and Andy to check on Chris because he is in the backyard and is crying. April and Andy ask her a bunch of questions which lead to them asking Ann why she isn’t dating Chris. Ann says, “Because I am dating myself right now.”

Meanwhile, Tom asks Ron if he could reschedule the presentation. Ron says he wants to keep it and Tom’s business partner, John, comes up behind Ron. He is not pleased.
Leslie and Ben are in an awkward conversation with his dad and Uloni. Leslie believes her quilt will help fix the problem. Ben tries to convince her that it won’t. When Leslie unveils the family quilt, Uloni asks where her square is. Ben’s dad states if there isn’t a square for his girlfriend it is not a “legitimate unity quilt.” Leslie quickly adds Uloni to the quilt, but Ben’s mother protests.

In the back of the house, April, Ann, and Andy try to cheer up Chris. Later, he finally balances out his emotions.

As Ben tries to talk some sense into his father, his mother is cutting the Uloni square from the quilt. Leslie proposes a toast and Uloni announces she is pregnant. Everyone is shocked and Ben’s mother tells them that she cannot go to the wedding if Ben’s father comes. Leslie feels defeated.

Meanwhile, Tom is working hard on a new presentation for Ron. John is distracted and wants to go party; Tom accuses him of not being serious about the business. John agrees.

Leslie suggests they bail the party and apologizes to Ben. Ben is tired of his family ruining everything and tells her he liked the unity quilt. They decide to come up with a new plan. Ben makes a speech to his parents and asks them to come to the wedding. His parents apologize and agree that they will come.

The episode ends with Ron checking in on Tom. Before Tom can tell him his idea Ron tells him he is going to invest because he proved himself to be a serious person. Tom is happy.



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