Philadelphia Eagles lose five straight

By Jassum Gloster,

The Philadelphia Eagles have lost five games straight. Head coach Andy Reid is under major pressure from management. At the end of the day, the fingers are pointing at him. He’s the leader of the team; he calls the plays, so when the team has long term problems, like they’ve had all season, Andy Reid will be to blame.

According to NBC10 Philadelphia, this is the first five game losing streak in 14 seasons under Reid.

Yesterday evening, after suffering multiple hits, Vick sustained a concussion facing off against the Dallas Cowboys. The fans became fed up with Vick’s horrible performance and cheered for his replacement. Nick Foles, the second string quarterback, gave a the Eagles a good offensive run, but the Cowboys kept scoring and it proved to be too much for the frustrated team.

The Eagles’ previous game was against the New Orleans Saints. Vick and the Eagles lost 28-13. In an interview Vick let people know how he was feeling. According to Fox Sports, he said ''It's very frustrating. These are games that we have the opportunity to win, or get back in the game. At this point, everything has to be dead on. You can't miss, and you almost have to be perfect on every drive.''



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