Princess Diana's Rolls Royce up for auction on eBay

By Stephanie Marcell,

Princess Diana passed away years ago but her legacy is still alive. Her bulletproof Rolls Royce car is being auctioned off on eBay.

You can bid to purchase a piece of royalty. The 1979 silver Rolls Royce is what the legendary Princess Diana rode in on her first trip to the United States.

According to a press release by the Volo Auto Museum, the Berman Museum of World History once appraised the car for two million dollars.

Reportedly the embassy spent over $200,000 to equip this ride for British royalty. Some of the upgrades included bulletproof glass and armor plating. The inside of the ride is decked out in red leather interior. The windows were sealed in case of a nuclear gas attack. There was even an intercom system installed in the million dollar car.

The car has been deemed the Silver Wraith II and it could be all yours through eBay.

The auction began November 9 and will end Friday, November 16.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there are other celebrity cars going up for auction including a BMW once owned by Jon Bon Jovi and a NASCAR once used by Tom Cruise.



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