Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon sing new holiday mash-up song of One Direction, Gangnam Style and Rihanna

By Luis Vargas,
Amy Poehler makes Rashida Jones perform Robert De Niro impression on 'Jimmy Fallon' show

The Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones recently stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk and, more importantly, perform an unexpected song to get viewers in the holiday spirit.

The medley features more pop songs than a Top 40 playlist, but the medley’s playful spin on lyrics are sure to guarantee laughs. Jones and Fallon start off singing One Direction’s hit single, “What Makes You Beautiful,” and switch the lyrics to “You don’t know your really full,” for all of those who stuff their faces during Thanksgiving dinner.

They switch into Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” switching the lyrics to “Hey, I made turkey/it's dry and flaky/do me a favor and pass the gravy.” The two went on to perform their own variations of Gotye, Taylor Swift and Rihanna songs before ending on Fun’s “Some Nights.” Watch the performance below.

The night before Parks and Recreation co-star Amy Poehler was on the show and she had left a note on the chair where her “wife,” as Rashida Jones claimed, sat down. As a result Jones got the note during her interview, which prompted her to do her Robert De Niro impression.

Apparently, Poehler has a game where the player is required to do an impression or they are dead (metaphorically of course.) After the impression she talked about a marriage proposal from a fan that she is still mulling over.

The first video is of Poehler’s visit when she left the note and the second video includes the Robert De Niro impression.

Amy Poehler Interview:

Rashida Jones:



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