'Red Dawn' star Josh Peck on original film's star Charlie Sheen: 'I'm trying to stay off Sheen's radar' (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Red Dawn’s remake has found its one of its stars in actor Josh Peck, who wants to stay clear of Charlie Sheen, who occupied the role in the original.

He told Fox411 “Yo, I’m trying to stay off Sheen’s radar. That makes me a little nervous.”

But he’s not nervous in a Ashton Kutcher taking over Two and a Half Men way, with all the bad blood attached. "I’m a ridiculous fan of his and I hope I made him proud. I hope I won. I’m winning,” he laughed.

Peck is making his transition from Nickelodeon star to film star, as he starred on Drake and Josh. He said of taking on this role, “I’ve peaked as far as masculinity goes for any part I’ll play the rest of my life," adding, "I’m as butch as I’m gonna get."

Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson also star in the Red Dawn remake, who Peck, 26, calls his friends.

“He’s (Hemsworth) dreamy. He’s all man. He’s my friend. It’s really interesting to watch his progression now, same with Josh Hutcherson, being in these gigantic films like The Avengers and Hunger Games,” Peck said. "For me, it’s great. I get to be a fan of my friends.”

And although he doesn’t count him a friend, Peck described some advice he got from veteran actor Tom Cruise.

The SF Gate reports that Peck said of Cruise, "Tom said to me, 'You are funny in real life, Josh, so when you have the opportunity to be funny, do it, because it will always endear audiences to you.'”

He added, "To have someone with as much experience as Tom be really generous with his insight is a gift.”

Check out the trailer for Red Dawn below:



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