Restaurant owner names new eatery 'WTF' not knowing the acroynm beforehand

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

One chef created the restaurant of his dreams, and to put the final touches on it, he named it WTF.

Woodward Takeout Food, not the popular acronym for "What The F**," was created by owner and chef Jeff Buden, the Huffington Post reports.

Buden told the Washington City Paper that he had no idea of what most people referenced WTF to until he was already committed to the name. "[My wife] Sally told me afterwards…It's unbelievable how many people stop and take a picture with the logo,” Buden explained.

The fast, casual restaurant is located in Washington D.C. HuffPo notes that some of WTF’s items include sticky cinnamon buns, cinder brined turkey sandwiches, as well as duck, wild mushroom and lamb rib flatbread sandwiches.

The restaurant's website boasts, “Woodward Takeout Food is like being in a good cook’s kitchen…a venue of sights and sounds with the bakery of the entire restaurant located at one end. Smell the fresh baked bread and other concoctions as you place your orders. Relax and eat!”



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