Rihanna spotted on Chris Brown's tour

By Sarah Burank-Douglas,

Reports are surfacing that after traveling half-way around the world on her 777 Tour, Rihanna made a special trip to visit Chris Brown during his Carpe Diem tour only weeks after denying that they were not in a relationship.

According to Entertainment Wise, German website “Klatsch-tratsche.de” published a photo of the ‘S&M” singer rocking out during Brown’s concert on Wednesday.

The “Diamonds” starlet also sent out an interesting tweet, which reads, “All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover.”

Hours later, she also added #Berlin #CarpeDiem.

Chris and Rihanna have maintained in interviews that they are not back together. However, they both have admitted that still have feelings for one another.

Their relationship remains controversial as the two broke up after a very public fight where Brown gave the young singer a black and blue eye. It was also this incident that caused a Sweedish group to protest his concerts, stating that they didn’t want a man who beats women to perform in their country.

According to Daily Mail, Brown has since canceled a performance in South America due to more protests over the 2009 beatings.

Image: Twitter

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