Robert Pattinson gets handsy at dinner party with Kristen Stewart, Stewart seemed unhappy about attention

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Although Twilight on-again couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart refuse to confirm their relationship, the two were spotted getting very hands-on at a dinner party.

New York Daily News reports that Pattinson couldn’t keep his hands off of 22-year-old beauty, Kristen Stewart, as the two attended a dinner party at the Graydon Carter’s Beatrice Inn.

In attempt to not draw more attention, the two arrived separately- however, Pattinson’s handy PDA killed any doubt that the two were not back to their lovey ways.

According to the report, however, Stewart was so noticeably uncomfortable with the obvious display of affection that one table joked, “Maybe she’s just not that into you R-Pattz.”

Stewart also reportedly told her beau to “not kiss” her as wandering eyes looked on.

The two continuously refuse to acknowledge their relationship to the media. The vampire loves separated briefly in the summer after rumors of infidelity were splashed across the headlines. The two remain ever-coy in interviews in the hopes to not acknowledge questions.

Stewart appeared with Twilight writer, Stephanie Meyer in an interview with the LA Times where she was asked about her personal life. Stewart, obviously fed up with the attention, bluntly responded, “I get the inclination to be entertained by that as well, so go for it. Have at it. Take it. Take it…But you knew nothing about my relationship before. You know less now. How could you?"

Pattinson also dodged questions, asking Today co-host Samantha Guthrie if it was in her contract to ask him about his personal life.



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