Robin Roberts updates fans via blog post following difficult return to hospital

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts spent last week in the hospital once again, this time fighting off a virus she contracted while recovering from her September bone marrow transplant.

"After about a week back in the hospital, I returned home Friday night," Roberts wrote on her blog. "A latent virus, many of us have, was not responding to medication and was pulling down my numbers. Our immune systems usually take care of a virus like this…but mine is only 59 days old.”

The 52-year-old is currently battling MDS, a rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow. MDS is commonly referred to as “pre-leukemia.” Roberts’ sister has donated the cells necessary to help her fight.

According to E! News, the transplant was successful, and Roberts was able to leave the hospital early October. She was only brought back because of the virus, which doctors now say is under control.

At the time, Roberts notes that her return to the hospital was emotional, but writes, “I decided to look at my brief stay as a 'tune up' ... and then I would be back on the road to recovery.”

Additionally, Roberts states that she has been “moved to tears” by all of the love and support from her Good Morning America friends, family and fans.

Image: INFDaily



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