Roger Goodell speaks at Hardvard University

By Jassum Gloster,

Roger Goodell visited the Harvard School of Public Health on Thursday to talk about player safety in the NFL and how it can evolve without becoming less physical. There has been a spur of concussions in the past week. Three starting quarterbacks were knocked out with concussions.

With all of the controversy about players getting injured and the league becoming too hard on players for injuring other players, one must wonder how the game can change without losing appeal. According to the AP, Goodell said, "Football has always evolved, and it always will. Make no mistake: change does not inhibit the game, it improves it."

This past year about 3900 retired NFL players signed their name in attempt to sew the league for what they call football related injuries or degenerative brain diseases that came into effect from the physicality of the sport. Boston.com, reports that Goodell said, “We want players to enjoy long and prosperous careers and healthy lives off the field. So we focus relentlessly on player health and safety, while also keeping the game fun and unpredictable."

Being Commissioner of the NFL, Goodell has the responsibility to keep the professionals safe and protect the integrity of the game.



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