‘Sherlock’s’ Andrew Scott says he will not return

By Meaghan Fleming,

Andrew Scott announced Wednesday he will not return to BBC’s Sherlock as the villain Moriarty, despite fan speculation.

Scott told The Sun “Moriarty is dead. I don’t think there could have been any better exit for a character like that.”

In the season 2 finale (spoilers follow), Moriarty commits suicide by shooting himself in the mouth. Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) was able to save himself despite jumping off the hospital roof. Fans of the show have speculated that Moriarty also somehow survived and would return in season 3 along with Sherlock.

Scott debunks the speculation telling Digital Spy:“It's very hard to come back from shooting yourself in the mouth, we all know that."

Cumberbatch told Radio Times last month that the show is “nothing without that dynamic between Holmes and Moriarty.” He also called Scott “brilliant” and said he was sad to see Scott leave.

“I feel very proud of Sherlock,” Scott tells The Sun. “Moriarty was a very potent character and one the audience really responded to. But it’s important to me that he doesn’t take over. You have to take risks and play as many different things as possible.”

Sherlock airs on PBS in the U.S. The third season is not expected to air until late next year.



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