Simon Cowell describes making Demi Lovato choose which one of her artists gets eliminated on 'X Factor'

By Gina DiFalco,

Last night, X Factor saw a double elimination, with America voting to send home Simon Cowell’s group Lyric 145 and Demi Lovato’s Jennel Garcia.

Garcia went head-to-head with another one of Lovato’s Under 25 girls Paige Thomas, with Thomas being chosen by the judges to stay.

Her mentor, Lovato, chose Garcia to stay over Thomas (she was the only one), and she explained her decision to E! News saying "I picked Paige [to go home] because I genuinely think that Jennel is just more talented," adding, "I think Paige has more star quality, which is gonna help her, but Jennel definitely didn't deserve to go home."

Simon Cowell, on the other hand, explained backstage why he made Lovato make the decision before him although host Mario Lopez was asking him for an answer.

“I knew I was gonna keep Paige, which meant that [Demi] wouldn't have had to make the decision," he said. "I thought, bearing in mind they're both your artists, I want to see which one you're going to destroy career[wise]."

“It was just fun to see her squirming," he added. "She thought she was going to get out of it, and I said, ‘You're not.'"

Meanwhile, Garcia says she will get “right back into making my own music,” and Lyric 145’s Lyric Da Queen said that the show gives “people more to look forward to with us."

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image courtesy of Fox



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