Simon Cowell on fellow 'X Factor' judge Demi Lovato: 'She was just annoying' (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

First-time judge Demi Lovato and X Factor creator Simon Cowell got into it a little bit during this week’s shows, but Lovato reassures that their bickering is 100 percent real and isn’t just a way to get the ratings up.

Cowell, never one to sugar coat anything, said of 20-year-old Lovato, "She was just annoying last night because I thought she got a few things wrong [and she] didn't like the criticism, but actually, what I was saying was right.”

Lovato, who made it seem like the fight continued while the cameras stopped rolling, said “None of it's rehearsed. We're not one of those shows. It was definitely real," ETOnline reports.

As for their thoughts on America voting and sending Jason Brock home, the judges did agree that he was the right person to leave.

“I think the right person went home," said Lovato. "There [have] been a couple chances to improve where he was going and it just never clicked. I think there's also room for CeCe (in Lovato's Young Adults category) to improve."

She also told EW backstage some improvements she will take into next week, saying, “Maybe we just have to consider some different options and reevaluate what we’ve put out on stage and maybe take it down a notch.”

image courtesy of NBC



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