Sir Roger Moore praises 'Skyfall' and talks about his new Bond book

By Kristen Porricelli,

Sir Roger Moore has a new book titled Bond on Bond: Reflections on 50 Years of James Bond Movies, and the former James Bond is praising the new Bond film Skyfall.

"It’s absolutely marvelous. It’s the best Bond film without a doubt," Moore said of Skyfall, as quoted by Entertainment Weekly.

Moore made seven James Bond movies from 1973 to 1985 and published an autobiography in 2008 titled My Word Is My Bond. Now he is adding a second book to the list which is about his involvement with the Bond franchise and the history of the series, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"The publishers of the last book I did, My Word Is My Bond, thought that it would be rather good timing to do it at the same time as the 50th anniversary celebration [and of] the new Bond. And I’m delighted that it’s the same time as not only the new Bond but the best Bond," Moore said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

He's also happy about the reception the book, which was released on October 16, telling People, "I'm glad to say that so far it seems to be received very gratefully, by the people I send it to for nothing."

Moore even revealed some more information about his time as Bond. The actor told People that one of his favorite movie locations was Sardinia for The Spy Who Loved Me. He also confirmed that he had dinner with Sean Connery while Moore was filming Octopussy and Connery was filming the rival Bond film Never Say Never Again.

"Yeah. Sean and I had dinner and we’d discuss how our various production companies were trying to kill us," Moore said as quoted by Entertainment Weekly.

Bond fans can pick up Bond on Bond: Reflections on 50 Years of James Bond Movies now and can also go see Skyfall which was released Friday.



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