'Skyfall' is the biggest opening for a Bond film in the franchise's history

By Gina DiFalco,

Skyfall is officially the biggest Bond opening at the box office in history.

This particular film is the third starring Daniel Craig as James Bond and the 23rd installment overall, and since its Thursday debut, it has made $90 million in total at the box office.

Before making its U.S. debut, it premiered overseas first, and the global total is now up to $518.6 million.

According to Us Weekly, Craig’s first two installments, Quantam of Solace (2008) made $67.5 million and Casino Royale made $40.8 million.

Sony’s head of distribution, Rory Bruer, said of Skyfall’s box office performance "It's quite a testament to Bond, considering it's the 50th anniversary. What a great anniversary present.”

In addition to Skyfall being a commercial success, it was also a critical success.

USA Today reports that it’s now one of the most well-received movies of the year, garnering a 92% Rotten Tomatoes review from critics and a 91% rating from movie-goers.

In No.2 at the box office, Wreck-It-Ralph made $33.1 million, and Denzel Washington's Flight came in third with $15.1 million.



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