'Sons of Anarchy' - 'Andare Pescare' Recap

By Matthew Dagen,

Clay meets with Jimmy Cacuzza, a member of the NOMAD charter, alone. He's looking for information on Frankie Diamonds, hoping to find Frankie before the rest of the club. Cacuzza guesses that Frankie could be in either Reno or Tahoe, getting protection from the Italian mob in that area.

Tara tells Jax that she's going back to Stockton to see if she can get to Otto again. Jax doesn't think it's a great time to be doing that, but Tara explains that she might not have much time left. Margaret changed Tara's marital status on her insurance to cover Abel's hospital stay, so Tara comes to the conclusion that it would only be a matter of time before the prison found out she's married to a felon.

Back at the garage, Chibbs has been retrieved. He's got a few staples in the back of his head from where Frankie clocked him with a gun, but seems OK besides that. Happy brings up that Frankie is in fact in Reno, and with the Italian mob as well. Bobby suggests they reach out to Cacuzza, which Clay immediately volunteers for.

The club brings the Frankie situation to a vote. They unanimously agree to strip Frankie of his patch, then it's also unanimous for Frankie to meet "Mr. Mayhem," the code word for killing a club member. Once everyone leaves, Jax and Bobby hang back, with Jax having doubts about what just went down. He tells Bobby that they can't kill Frankie before handing him over to Roosevelt and finding out who the rat is at their table. Jax knows that he has to get to Frankie before Clay, knowing that Clay will kill him immediately to save face. Bobby is wary of the plan to usher Frankie off away from the rest of the club before killing him so he and Jax can bring Frankie to Roosevelt, but Bobby doesn't have a better idea.

The club preps to ride out to Nevada. When they stop for gas, Clay is having some trouble. His lungs are fine, but his arthritic hands are acting up again. Jax suggests Clay hop in the van with Juice and Phil will finish the ride out on Clay's bike. Clay then gets a call from Cacuzza, saying Frankie could be at a fishing cabin on the lake. Juice wants to catch up with the rest of the guys, but Clay says they should do this alone.

Jax and the guys, sans Juice and Clay, stop at a restaurant to see Leo Pirelli, the head of the Italian mob presence in the the Reno/Tahoe area. Pirelli's guys don't take kindly to the patches the Sons are wearing and a brawl ensues in the restaurant. When they're all finished beating each other up, Jax tells Leo that Frankie had stolen half a million of cartel and IRA money from them, which only the club knows is a lie. Jax says Leo can keep the money, they just want Frankie.

Back at Stockton, Tara goes to see Otto for the first of two visits. Otto is strapped to a gurney, as the nurse tells Tara that he has an affinity for sticking sharp objects in people's ears. Tara puts a bottle of LuAnne's old perfume under Otto's nose to get his attention. She tells Otto that she's doing all this to protect her man, the same thing LuAnne would have done. The second visit takes a weird turn. Tara puts some of the perfume on again, then while holding her hand up to Otto's nose and her other hand on the back of his head, he begins touching himself. Tara is taken aback, but complies with the man, seeing how broken he really is.

At the fishing cabin, one of Leo's men gets a call. He asks Frankie how much money he really has, if he's holding anything back. Frankie tells the truth in saying that what he gave Leo was all he had. Leo's man tells Frankie that there are people on the way to the cabin. Frankie knows what that means: SAMCRO. He grabs his gun and shoots Leo's man a few times. Clay and Juice are the first to arrive.

As Frankie tries to go out the back door, Juice opens fire, keeping Frankie pinned down inside the house. Out front, Clay lines up the van with the cabin's propane tank. He puts a rock down on the gas pedal and puts the van in drive. The tank goes up in flames and sends Frankie flying backwards. From the road, Jax and the Sons speed ahead of Leo when they see the smoke.

Frankie gets up, but as he gets to the back door, Juice is there with his gun at the ready. While Clay is still outside, Frankie tells Juice that Clay put the whole thing together: the home invasions, the attempt on Unser, everything. Juice is thinking about whether to believe Frankie or not. Clay then comes in, gun at the ready, about to kill the last person who really cows about the invasions. Jax and the rest of the guys bust in before Clay can pull the trigger. Jax talks Clay down, but then Leo sees that Frankie killed his man, and puts a bullet in Frankie's head.

Jax tells Leo that wasn't how that was supposed to go down. Leo agrees to call it even after seeing that half of his cabin is gone from the explosion. Jax can come to terms with that. Back in Charming, Bobby and Jax try to figure out what to do with Clay without any hard evidence. Jax still decides to meet wit Roosevelt.

At the clubhouse, Bobby confronts Clay about the Frankie situation. He asks if Clay wanted the President's seat back. Clay says he thought he did, then Bobby comes back by asking if that's why he set the Nomads in motion. Clay dismisses it as a real threat. Bobby says he's tired of burying friends.

When Jax and Tara return home with Abel, Gemma is sitting at the kitchen table. Gemme is torn between what Jax wants her to do with Clay and how she's been feeling toward Nero. She wants to know if what Jax promised her is legitimate, and she wants to hear it from Tara. Tara agrees that if Gemma goes through with Jax's plan, Gemma can have the house key back, and the family that goes with it. Gemma's not feeling good about her situation. She definitely doesn't like being the one not in control.

Jax goes to meet Roosevelt later that night. Roosevelt insists on patting Jax down, to which Jax just tells Eli where the gun is. Eli also finds a stack of cash, which Jax says is for Frankie, who's in the back of the van. Roosevelt opens up the trunk to see the dead body of Frankie Diamonds. Jax assures Roosevelt that the Sons didn't kill him. Eli doesn't want to be responsible for another dead body, and tries to leave without telling Jax who the rat is. Jax isn't having any of that. He goes through the possibilities: Tig, Chibbs, Happy and Bobby would all die before ratting, the prospects and recent initiates don't know enough, and Clay has nothing to gain. That leaves one, and Jax surmises that it's the guy who tried to hang himself a couple months back. Roosevelt says Juice had no choice, that he pressed him into it. Jax says there's always a choice.

Gemma goes over to Clay's house. She sits him down at the table and gives him his medicine for his hands. Juice is finishing up working on Clay's bike, and leaves with a smile on his face after seeing Gemma and Clay together. Juice pulls out of Clay's house. Jax tails him from a distance.

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