'Sons of Anarchy' - 'Crucifixed' Recap

By Matthew Dagen,

Jax, after realizing that Juice is the rat that Roosevelt was holding over the club's head, follows Juice back to his house. As Juice pulls up to his yard, there's a police car out in front of his house. The officer claims they're bringing Juice in for the attack at Unser's trucking site. At the station, Roosevelt warns him that Jax knows he's the rat, and suggests he gets out of town. He assures Juice that Jax figured it out on his own. Juice leaves without saying a word.

At the clubhouse, Bobby fills Chibbs in on the whole Juice and RICO situation. Chibbs confesses that he knew about the leverage Roosevelt had on Juice and that's why Juice had tried to hang himself. Jax and Bobby can't believe that little piece of information is what led Juice to rat, but they all decide that Juice isn't a threat as long as they keep a close eye on him.

The next morning, Tara wakes Jax up, telling him that she was going to go see Otto again in the prison. She tells him that the babysitter is on her way and that Juice is waiting for Jax in the living room. Juice starts off by saying that he knows that Jax knows, that Roosevelt told him. Jax tells Juice that Chibbs and Bobby know as well. Juice explains the deal he was laid out, and admits to killing Miles and stealing the brick of cocaine. Jax gives Juice a choice: the club could kill him, or he could work his way back in. Juice obviously takes the latter. Jax tells Juice that he needs to get the documents from the safe that the NOMADS "stole" from Gemma's house so Jax can bring it to the club that Clay was behind everything.

Hale drops by the clubhouse to give Jax the information on Charming Heights so Jax can forward it to his unnamed investor, who happens to be Damon Pope. Hale wonders why Jax wants this to go through now. Jax tells Hale he wants all the service contracts for Charming Heights to go through Teller-Morrow as well as housing for Lyla and her and Opie's kids. As Hale leaves, Tig tells Jax that the inmate who the prospects were tailing from the prison, Randy, has reached his destination. Randy was the inmate who delivered the killing blow to Opie. The guys get ready to go, but Jax lies about what he and Hale talked about, as well as his meeting with Juice that morning.

After meeting with a woman from Portland's Providence Hospital and receiving a job offer, Tara goes to the prison to see Otto. He tells Tara he hadn't cried like that since he was a boy. Otto finally agrees to make his part of the RICO case go away, but he wants one more thing. Otto wants the gold and silver crucifix that belonged to LuAnne, and his mother before that. He just wants to pray for a few minutes with something that reminds him of better times. In the visiting area of the prison, Clay meets with Lenny. Lenny tells Clay that he already told Jax that Otto was talking with the feds.

Jax, Bobby, Tig, Chibbs, Happy and Phil all meet up with the prospects outside of a bar. They see familiar bikes out front, bikes belonging to the Grim Bastards. The Sons go in and see the Bastards, their president T.O. among them. T.O. says that Randy paid for protection, but he didn't know it was from the Sons. T.O. is Randy's cousin, so he's not exactly keen on giving him up for slaughter. Randy walks in, thinking T.O. sold him out and starts firing at the Sons. He runs outside and gets in his SUV and drives off. After the shootout, T.O. tells Jax that he didn't know Randy was involved in Opie's death. Jax assures T.O. that they won't kill Randy as long as he gives up the other three guys that were in the room when Opie died. T.O. agrees to those terms, but still doesn't seem to like giving up a relative.

Clay sets a meeting with Luis and Romeo. He wants to know how they got Jax to continue to run guns and keep the relationship with the cartel alive. Clay says he knows about the RICO case and guesses that both Luis and Romeo are playing both sides of the law. Clay tells Luis and Romeo that if Jax succeeds in getting Otto to recant his side of RICO, he goes away (read: Jax is going to kill him) and then the guns go away as well due to the Irish only trusting Clay enough to deal. Clay wants protection from the cartel and offers to be a connection with the Irish for the guns, but Galindo still wants the club in play, but Jax doesn't have to be in play for it to work. Clay doesn't want that, but Romeo doesn't really give him an option.

Jax meets with Pope and delivers the information on Charming Heights. Pope is impressed with Jax, that he's "thinking beyond the street." Pope seems genuinely interested in the business opportunity, but doesn't want to move forward with anything until his debt is settled with Tig. Jax promises Pope that once the club's internal problem with Clay is resolved, he will give up Tig without a fight. Before Pope leaves, he gives Jax the whereabouts of Randy as a sign of good faith.

The Sons head to the docks and see Randy's shot up SUV parked near the entrance. They also see T.O.'s and a couple other Grim Bastard bikes. T.O. tries to tell Jax that Pope set up the beating, which Jax already knows, and that Randy barely knew the other three guys. Jax again gives his word that they won't kill Randy, but Randy runs anyway when he sees the Sons coming toward him. Randy is cornered in a warehouse, but lowers his gun when T.O. assures his cousin that the Sons just want to talk. Jax gets the names out of Randy, then gives a nod to Chibbs. Chibbs steps behind Randy and shoots him through the back of the head. T.O. shouts at Jax that he gave his word that he wouldn't kill Randy. Jax responds by telling T.O. that he gave his word that he'd deliver Randy, and he didn't. T.O. gets out a "Who the hell are you?" as the Sons leave. Bobby has a look on his face that suggests he agrees with T.O.

Back at the clubhouse, Bobby openly tells Jax that what he did at the docks was wrong, that it hurts the whole club. Jax tells Bobby that he could be right "but you didn't see the pleasure in that animal's face when he caved in Opie's skull. We did!" Chibbs stands behind his president's decision, and assures Jax that he'll always back his decisions as long as he wears the Reaper on his back.

Juice is at Clay's house, ruffling through his things trying to find the documents Jax told him to retrieve. He doesn't find anything of importance, but has to put everything back he took out as he hers Clay pull into the garage. Clay thanks Juice for everything he's done, and asks for Juice to continue to be there for him. Gemma comes by with groceries and then Juice leaves. Clay attempts to get intimate with his ex-wife, and at first Gemma seems real hesitant, but then suggests they both go home.

Back in the prison, Tara comes back with the crucifix for Otto. He asks her to put it around his neck and close to his heart, so Tara slides it under his shirt. He asks for a few moments alone. Tara grabs his charts and heads outside. When Tara leaves, Otto calls in the nurse and demands to go back to his cell. The orderly is in the process of untying his restraints when Tara walks back in. As she is asking what they're doing, Otto knocks out the orderly and bashes the nurse's face against the wall, knocking her to the floor. Otto takes out the crucifix and Tara begs him not to hurt the nurse. "Sons live, Redwood bleeds," he says as he repeatedly plunges the crucifix into the nurse's throat. Guards rush in and take Otto away.

At the garage, Juice tells Jax that he didn't find anything at Clay's. He asks Jax what happens to Clay when he does find what he's looking for. Jax tells Juice that it's the same thing is going to happen to him if he doesn't come through. Unser comes out of his trailer, which is moved into the garage lot. Unser, also knowing it's Clay behind the attacks, mentions that there's only one to go before that ordeal is behind them.

At Gemma's house, she comes out of the bathroom in a robe to see Clay still dressed on the bed. He tells her he doesn't want to do anything that will lead to him losing her twice. Knowing she would much rather have a future life with her son and grandkids, Gemma does what she has to do and kisses Clay, taking him to bed.

Roosevelt is waiting outside Jax's house. He asks where Juice is, and Jax tells him that he's at the clubhouse with the guys. Roosevelt doesn't understand, but Jax says that he's the one who's going to deal with Juice. Roosevelt asks Jax what they're going to do about Clay. He doesn't just want another dead body in the back of a truck. Jax says he's open to suggestions, but Roosevelt realizes that's the way Clay's life if likely to end.

Jax goes inside to find Tara smoking a joint at the kitchen table. She tells her husband that Otto reversed his RICO statement by killing a nurse, that the feds can't use his testimony anymore. She confesses to bringing Otto the murder weapon, that he may have saved the club, but hurt Jax in the process. Tara breaks down when the words "accessory to murder" come out of her mouth. Jax promises Tara that he's going make everything better, that they're going to get through this like they do everything else. Tara says that's what she's afraid of.

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