‘Star Wars’ figures, dominoes inducted into National Toy Hall of Fame

By Daniel S Levine,

Star Wars isn’t just a movie series. As millions of children and fans have known for over 30 years, it’s also the source of hours of playtime, thanks to the action figures produced by Kenner and Hasbro. That role the figures have played in children’s lives is finally being recognized by the National Toy Hall of Fame, which announced its 2012 inductees on Thursday.

Joining Star Wars figures in the 2012 class are dominoes, a toy that has been around for centuries. According to The AP, dominoes can trace their origin to China in the 1300s. The standard sets include 28 tiles and there are thousands of ways to play with them. They have even spawned the phrase “domino effect.”

Star Wars toys have been produced since 1978, a year after the first film came out. In 1985, Kenner stopped producing them, but a decade later, they came back in anticipation for the 1997 re-releases of the Original Trilogy. Since then, Hasbro has not stopped and now that a seventh film is in the works, the company has no reason to.

YNN reports that the other finalists included green army men, Lite-Brite, Simon, Twister and the pogo stick. So, sorry pogo stick fans, but you’ll have to wait until next year.

Last year’s inductees included the blanket, the dollhouse and Hot Wheels.

The National toy Hall of Fame is based in Rochester, NY, and has inducted 49 toys over the past 14 years. Anyone can nominate their favorite toy, but an internal committee chooses finalists before a national committee decides.



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