'The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde' being adapted as a movie

By Matthew Dougherty,

The Dark Horse comic book series The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde is coming to the big screen and has found a writer to rewrite the script.

According to The Wrap, Albert Torres has come on board to doctor the script of the adaptation of the graphic novel.

Torres is known for writing the indie comedy Henry Poole is Here.
ComingSoon.net says that the story takes place five years after the classic gothic tale of Dr. Jekyll. It follows two inspectors who find evidence of another Hyde-like monster in London. They enlist the help of Dr. Jekyll, who may not be totally cured of the monstrous serum either.

The graphic novel was written by Cole Haddon and M.S. Corley.

Produced by Skydance Productions, Dark Horse Entertainment and the Mark Gordon Company, The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde has no set release date. It also does not have a director or a cast.

Other Dark Horse comics that made it to the big screen include Hellboy, Sin City and 300.



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