‘Supernatural’ Recap: Hunteri Heroici

By Freda Eang,

A heart popping out of a body, a man floating in midair, an anvil dropped on a person, and a large black hole in the middle of the wall. Sounds out of the ordinary, and a bit looney doesn’t it? Well, Supernatural, this week brings the wonderful world of Looney Tunes into the real world since an old psychic friend (Fred Jones) of Sam and Dean’s dad is being used by the doctor of the elderly home he’s staying in to do all kinds of mischief (bank robbery).

Fortunately, Castiel and Sam were able to go into the mind of Fred and persuade him into returning back to reality. Fred has locked himself in his mind for many years and this is why the doctor was able to control his powers. When persuading Fred, Sam recalls another memory of when he was with Amelia, the time when they decided to move in together and Sam meets Amelia’s dad for the first time.

Amelia’s dad is first very indifferent and cold towards Sam, but by the end of his visit; he takes a liking to Sam. The big surprise of the night though was when Amelia gets a phone call telling her news that her husband Luke is still alive. I remember clearly that Sam was still with Amelia prior to meeting back up with Dean, so this piece of news is bound to cause a few complications in their relationship.

After Fred comes back from his dream world, he makes sure the doctor and himself can no longer harm people. He forces the doctor to shoot himself and Castiel ends up ridding Fred of his power. This episode also allows Castiel to reassess himself and when he plans to return to Heaven in order to make amends for what he’s done; Naomi stops him by telling him that he won’t be allowed to return till she allows it. As a result, Castiel bids the Winchester Brothers goodbye since he decides to stay and watch over Fred for a few days. He might meet up with them later down the road, but for now Castiel is following his heart’s desire, wherever that may take him. How did everyone else feel about this week’s episode? The mid-season finale is coming up next week and from what I heard it’s going to focus on Benny.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.



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