Susan Boyle biopic in the works

By Matthew Dougherty ,

Singing sensation Susan Boyle is moving from Britain's Got Talent to the big screen as Hollywood prepares for a biopic about the unlikely superstar's life.

According to Indie Wire, Fox Searchlight has picked up the project and the rights to the musical about Boyle's life I Dreamed A Dream, referencing the song she sang from Les Miserables on Britain's Got Talent.

The Guardian says that Boyle just flew back from Hollywood where the initial conversations about the biopic, including the singer selling the rights, took place.

It should also be noted that PaulPotts, who won the first Britain's Got Talent competition already has a biopic filming about his life starring James Corden. So do not expect the movie about Boyle to be the last to come from reality TV stars.

As of now, the Boyle biopic has no writer, director or cast. The film continues to be in the discussion stages.

Boyle is known for such beautiful hits as "Autumn Leaves" and "Unchained Melody."



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