Taylor Lautner on 'Twilight' regrets and memories (VIDEO)

By Meghan Giannotta,

With the debut of Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 coming close, Taylor Lautner is having a hard time moving on from the history he shares with the saga. Lautner shared what he considers to be his biggest regret, as well as he favorite parts of working on the Twilight set.

While the styling of Lautner’s character, Jacob, has changed over the course of the saga, Jacob’s long black wig he wore in the first film has become one of the actor’s biggest regrets. While Lautner’s short cut hair has made him easy on the eyes, he doesn’t seem to regret having long hair. Instead, he wishes that he had kept a hold of the wig.

“It’s my one regret. They offered me the wig and I did turn it down,” Lautner told Access Hollywood. “But I am definitely wishing now I would’ve taken it.”

While Lautner will now not be able to get a hold of the long haired Jacob wig he sported in the first film, the actor told the entertainment show that the saga has given him memories and friendships that he will not regret.

Lautner said that the relationships that he formed while filming the saga are one of the most important things that he will take from his Twilight experience.

“My relationships with the entire cast and crew…that’s the biggest thing I’ll take from this, the relationships I’ve made. I worked with some amazing people,” Lautner said.

Working on the set of Twilight has given Lautner memories he will never forget including fan moments and friendships.

The second part of Twilight: Breaking Dawn is set to hit theaters on November 16.



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