Taylor Swift explains the meaning behind 'Red'

By April Chieffo,
Taylor Swift talks about the significance of the color red

Taylor Swift sings about love and love lost on her number one album, Red. Red isn’t just a color in Taylor’s case, the album title holds a lot of meaning. It represents the topics she sings about: the good and bad in a relationship.

According to People, In an episode of VH1 Storytellers, Swift, 22, explains, "Red is such an interesting color to me because you have the great part of red, like the red emotions that are daring and bold and passion and love and affection. And then you have on the other side of the spectrum, jealousy and anger and frustration and you didn't call me back and I need space.”

The title track, “Red” is based on all of those feelings.

“I was writing this song and I was thinking about correlating the colors to the different feelings I went through," she explained, according to MTV News.

The song, which contains lyrics like, “lovin’ him is like drivin’ a new Maserati down a dead end street,” is, according to Swift, about a relationship that was “the worst thing ever and the best thing ever at the same time."

Swift, who is single once again, has written about many relationships gone wrong. She jokes, “I’m fine.”

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