Teen Mom's top 10 episodes!

By Lauren Mangeri,

The first season of Teen Mom aired on Dec. 8, 2009. This series is a spin off from MTV’s 16 & Pregnant. The first season stars Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell. Each girl has a different story.

There have been four seasons in the series. This series has ended, but we can’t forget the top episodes of the seasons!

Here are the top 10 episodes, by popular belief.

10.) In season four, Farrah Abraham moved to Florida to further her education and career. On episodes before this, Abraham decides to actually move and has many arguments with her mother, Debra. The two have a history of fighting. Abraham’s mother believes it is wrong for her to just sweep her granddaughter up and move her from Iowa to Florida. But Abraham believes it is the best thing for herself, and to obviously take her daughter with her. She wanted her own space.

9.) Also in season four, Maci Bookout had a fight with her boyfriend at the time, Kyle King. Apparently, he had been messaging girls on Facebook. He and Bookout broke up for a little while after this fight they had. Bookout’s son, Bentley, grew very attached to King since he had always been around for him and Maci. Their break up took a toll on Bentley.

8.) During 16 & Pregnant, when Catelynn Lowell debuted on the show, it was told that her mother and her boyfriend and child’s father, Tyler Baltierra’s father, started dating and then got married. This was a little weird for fans because Lowell and Baltierra were boyfriend/girlfriend while being step-brother/sister.

7.) During season four, Amber Portwood went to a rehab center for drugs. This was very hard for her because she was from Indiana and had to go all the way to California and leave her daughter, Leah, with her boyfriend Gary. She had to take that step so that she get help and could become a better mother for her child.

6.) In the second season of Teen Mom, Abraham had a physical fight with her mother which ended badly. Her mother was charged with assaulting and hitting her. Abraham and her mother have a history of not getting along so well on the show. Her sister even vouches for her on some of the episodes of the show.

5.) In the first season, Portwood and her boyfriend got into an altercation which did not end well. MTV even had to put a disclaimer on the episode talking about domestic violence and if you’ve ever experienced it, to report it. Portwood got arrested for domestic violence because so many viewers were offended by it.

4.) Throughout all four seasons, Maci Bookout had a constant battle with the father of her child about custody. Bookout would get Bentley one part of the week and the father, Ryan, would get him for the other part. That soon became a problem when Bookout moved to Chattanooga, TN. These two were engaged for a short while, then Bentley came along and it just did not work out. Their battle was an issue throughout all seasons, but they have finally agreed to be civil for Bentley.

3.) At the end of the last season, Portwood went to jail for relapsing on drugs again. She actually chose it would be in her best interest to put herself in jail so she could get better to be a better mother for Leah. This was extremely hard for her because she would not get to see her daughter for years and won’t be there for important moments.

2.) The farewell episode for the end of the girls’ season was heart wrenching. Seeing all four of them go their separate ways was hard since fans have been following them for so long. Portwood was not in the farewell episode because she was in jail, but the other teen moms wished her good luck in her future.

1.) Lowell and Baltierra made a decision that would alter their lives forever. They decided to give their child, Carly up for adoption. They had an open adoption and on the year after they gave Carly to her adoptive parents, Teen Mom had an episode of their first visit. It brought many fans to tears as it was very visible Carly was their child. She resembled them both a great deal. Lowell and Baltierra are currently engaged to this day. The couple plans to tie the knot in July of 2013.

It's hard to predict where these moms will end up, but rumor has it Bookout is going to be the host for the reunion special of Teen Mom 2!



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