The Ten Worst Teams in 'Amazing Race' History

By Lauren DuBois,

Every TV show, whether it’s scripted, reality, pre-taped, or live-action, always has at least one villain thrown into the mix. This holds true mostly every season on CBS’s reality show, The Amazing Race. In 21 seasons, teams have either schemed maliciously to get ahead of competitors, come to physical and verbal blows with each other, or just plain whined so much, that they go down more in infamy for how they treated others than they do for how far they got in a race around the world. Here are the Top 10 who will live in infamy for either their conniving ways, or their plain bad teamwork.

image: CBS - show host Phil Keoghan

10. Nick DeCarlo and Vicki Casciola, 26, Dating couple from Henderson NV (Season 17):
Nick had one of the more violent tempers on the show, and could lose it pretty quickly. His losing it as often as he did often reduced poor Vicki to tears.

9. Mark and Michael Munoz, 48 and 51, Brothers and Stuntmen from Los Angeles CA and Maui HI (Season 17):
Mark and Michael managed to garner the most penalties in Amazing Race history, getting three in a row between two legs. One such penalty was a result of their trying to hide bike pumps that were needed to complete a task from the other teams in the 7th leg of the race.

8. Sam and Dan McMillen, 23 and 21, Gay brothers from Liberty MO (Season 15):
The brothers bickered with one another constantly, and most notably during the Switchback Haystack Roadblock. Their villainous act occurred in the 10th leg of their race, when they bribed competitors Brian and Ericka’s taxi driver to take them to their next leg, leaving the married couple stranded behind.

7. Kisha and Jen Hoffman, 28 and 24, Sisters from Bronx NY and Louisville KY (Seasons 14 and 18):
In season 14, they argued with Mother/Son team Margie and Luke on one leg, and wound up getting into a nasty confrontation with them on the mat at the Pit Stop. The two also suffered from problems communicating with each other as well. They managed to redeem themselves when they returned for Season 19, “Unfinished Business,” where they won the race.

6. Art Velez and JJ Carrell, 43 and 42, Friends and Border Patrol Agents from Temecula and Carlsbad CA (Season 20):
The agents, who were nice in the first half of their race, even donating half their winnings from a first-place finish leg to competitors Mark and Bopper, were also kind of cocky, and ended up bullying competitors Nary and Jamie later on because they figured out that the two were not teachers like they claimed, but were really federal agents instead. They also formally ended their alliance with eventual winners Dave and Rachel, because they didn’t U-turn Brendon and Rachel during one leg.

5. Joe Baldassare and Bill Bartek, “Team Guido,” Life Partners (Seasons 1 and 11):
All-together unfriendly, sneaky, petty and full of themselves, they are best remembered for causing the show’s first major fight in a Tunisian airport that had to be broken up by security in Season 1. Karma paid them back big time in the final leg, when they wound up so far behind the other two teams that they never finished the race and were instead informed of Rob and Brennan’s win via a note. They were somewhat nicer the second time around in Season 11’s “All-Stars” Edition, but didn’t make it quite as far.

4. Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly, 31 and 27, Engaged ‘Big Brother’ Stars from Westwood CA (Season 20):
Perhaps one of the most argumentative couples in recent Race history, their constant bickering, and Rachel’s incessant crying every time something didn’t go her way made them impossible to like. Rachel cried over something either Brendon or another competitor said every single leg of the race, and if she wasn’t crying about that, she cried about how badly she perceived that she and Brendon were doing that leg. The race can get emotional—but her emotional immaturity that made her seem like a five-year-old constantly throwing a temper tantrum was over the top .

3. Natalie and Nadiya Anderson, 26, Twins from Edgewater NJ (Season 21):
Though their season is still underway, the Senegalese “twinnies” have already proven that they are not a good team, constantly annoying and making terrible comments about their fellow competitors. Their shining moment as villians (thus far) occurred in the 6th leg of the race, when they found fellow competitors James and Abba’s money for that leg on the floor of a travel agency, and instead of giving it back to them, kept it for themselves. This move would have ended the race for James and Abba had they not met nice people on the streets of Bangladesh who helped pay their way.

2. Carol Rosenfeld and Brandy Snow, 47 and 40, Dating couple from Los Angeles CA (Season 16):
They started off the race on a sour note with Brent and Caite by mad-mouthing Caite at the airport to her fellow competitors, informing them that she was the famous Miss South Carolina at Teen USA 2007 who couldn’t answer a question about World Geography. They continually made incessant remarks about the two, resulting in Brent and Caite U-turning them in their ninth and final leg. After Brent and Caite’s third place finish across the finish line, the insults and remarks continued, after Caite extended an olive branch that was rejected by Brandy. Their arrogance and loud-mouthed attitudes made them awful to watch, and impossible to root for.

1. Jonathon Baker and Victoria Fuller, 42 and 32, Married Entrepreneurs from Los Angeles CA (Season 6):
The most explosive bickering team of all time, their bickering culminated in a moment when Jonathon physically pushed his wife to the ground, something that shocked viewers and still stands out in Amazing Race history.



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