'Thor: The Dark World’ video footage from the set releases (Video)

By Luis Vargas,
Thor and villain Malekith battle on the streets of London

Thor: The Dark World recently started shooting on location in London and several photos and a video on the set of the film’s shooting was released online recently.

Some may consider the materials spoilers, however all the photos and video show is Chris Hemsworth and Christopher Eccleston fighting as Thor and the villain Malekith. Photographer Dan Mumford shot the photos and released them on his website. All 15 photos have been posted on Comic Book Movie website.

It seems the god of thunder and his nemesis have caused quite a mess on the streets of London and the set is filled with broken concrete, flipped cars and crushed cars. Hemsworth wears his traditional Thor costume, which features a metal suit brightened up by his red cape and his hammer.

Eccleston wears a black costume and cape with silver armor, however Collider reveals that Eccleston wears motion-capture dots on his face so he may look completely different in 3-D when the film opens on November 8, 2013.

The 24-second video gives a birds-eye view from the window of a building that shows Thor fighting off some bad guys.



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