TMZ denies report that it applied for news-gathering drones

By Daniel S Levine,

TMZ is denying a report that suggests that it is one of a number of organizations that have applied for domestic drones.

The San Francisco Chronicle published a report Saturday that looked into the growing number of companies and universities that are applying to have their own drones. The report states that the Federal Aviation Administration has been flooded with applications and lists TMZ as one of the applicants.

While TMZ is known for its aggressive reporting of celebrity gossip, it insists that it has no desire to use drones. “We're NOT Keeping Up with the DRONESES,” the site proclaimed Tuesday.

“TMZ is NOT getting in the DRONE business ... we don't have a drone ... we don't want a drone ... we never applied for a drone ... despite a bogus report to the contrary,” the site writes.

While they did admit that drones, which are used by the military to hit targets overseas, are “awesome,” the report “just ain't true.”

“We could drone on and on ... but you get the point,” the site concluded.

The Chronicle did speak with the FAA, which told the paper that TMZ “does not have a permit” yet. However, the Chronicle noted that paparazzi are using drones already overseas.

Drones are also being considered by journalists in the US, though. Slate notes that the AP has reported that KBIA-FM in Missouri, an NPR affiliate, is working with the University of Missouri to develop a news gathering robot.



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