Tom Hiddleston on 'Thor: The Dark World'

By Meaghan Fleming,

Actor Tom Hiddleston talked about Thor: The Dark World, and his role as Loki in the film this week with GQ and Digital Spy.

On Wednesday, Hiddleston spoke about the success of The Avengers to GQ UK and what it meant for the second Thor movie. He and Chris Hemsworth, who portrays Thor, want to add to the characters without taking away anything that made fans love them in The Avengers and Thor.

“Thor and Loki are these two characters that people know and love and understand - so we have to take this in the right direction,” Hiddleston said. “You want to do something new - you don't want to re-heat the same recipe in the microwave, you want to cook up something different and exciting - but you don't want to lose the things that worked the first time.”

Hiddleston also spoke to Digital Spy on Thursday about the film and his character. He says the citizens of Asgard will “have an opinion” about the events of The Avengers in which Loki and Thor were both fighting on Earth.

He also says he enjoys playing Loki because he’s unpredictable: "Within one moment, within one scene, within one hour, within one day, Loki can do these huge 180 degree turns, where he can be enjoying himself, and completely in control, and then the next moment he's completely lost control, and the truth of his broken heart is plain for all to see.”

Hiddleston says the movie should be done around Christmas and “it's going beautifully.”

Thor: The Dark World is slated to be released in theaters on November 8, 2013.

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