Top 10 Aerosmith Songs

By Connor Murphy,

Aerosmith has been keeping busy. With break-ups, solo performances, Steven Tyler on American Idol, and reunion, it’s been a long roller-coaster ride for the rock and roll industry's most dysfunctional family. The bad boys from Boston released their newest studio album Music From Another Dimension! November 6, as well as performing on the Red Cross fundraiser Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together. With the release of this newest album, and plenty of touring in the future, it seemed suitable to make a Top 10 Aerosmith Songs list. Of course, rock and roll’s best-selling band has released plenty of hits, and breaking it down to ten is very tough to do, but nevertheless this is the ten best songs of Aerosmith.

10.) “What It Takes” Pump (1990)

"What It Takes" is the third single off of Pump. This song leads the opinion list because not only is it a heartbreaking ballad that most can relate to, it offers that blues-rock sound that Aerosmith was built on. Steven Tyler shouting his emotions through the lyrics, and Joe Perry’s excellent blues guitar solo, make for a hit.

9.) “Hole In My Soul” Nine Lives (1997)

“Hole In My Soul” is one of my personal favorite tracks. Yet another Aerosmith ballad, this song is as catchy as it is heart-wrenching. Its a truly emotional song of a heartbroken man after a split feeling some void in his life. I definitely think the track deserves a spot.

8.) “Mama Kin” Aerosmith (1973)

“Mama Kin” deserves this spot if not higher up on the chart. This song has become a staple of the band’s live performances, as well as a pillar in the foundation of Aerosmith. This classic Aerosmith track featuring a solid guitar riff is hard not to enjoy. This as original Aerosmith as it gets.

7.) “Eat The Rich” Get A Grip (1993)

Not one of Aerosmith’s most popular songs, "Eat The Rich" is still one of their best. This hard-rock, fast-paced anthem is easy to love. A power bass line, along with Perry rocking the guitar beat throughout the song, and Tyler’s powerful lyrics, it has all the makings of a fan favorite. It’s certainly one of mine.

6.) “Love In An Elevator” Pump (1990)

This Aerosmith track is as fun as they come, as inappropriate in nature as it is.

5.) “Livin On The Edge” Get A Grip (1993)

Being one of Aerosmith’s most socially conscious songs, inspired by the 1992 Los Angeles riots, “Livin On The Edge” has found itself to be one of Aerosmith’s more successful songs. As seen in the video, they still like to stay unique.

4.) “The Other Side” Pump (1990)

“The Other Side” is a great song. This fast-paced jam with its brass accompaniment, and yet another awesome Joe Perry guitar solo, has a very genuine sound. This song will find its way into your heart.

3.) “Walk This Way” Toys In The Attic (1975)

Off of the phenomenal Toys In The Attic, this track is one of the songs that helped Aerosmith break out. Clearly one of the band's better and most popular songs, some of its popularity is attributed to the mix in 1986 when they collaborated with Run-D.M.C. I still love the original better.

2.) “Sweet Emotion” Toys In The Attic (1975)

This song easily takes the number two spot on the list. “Sweet Emotion,” accompanied with the next song on the list, aren’t only Aerosmith’s two greatest hits, but two of the greatest rock songs of all-time. "Sweet Emotion" sticks in your head at first listen, and puts you into a soothing vibe, just to rock you out of it. It’s simply awesome.

1.) “Dream On” Aerosmith (1973)

Did you really expect anything else? “Dream On” is undoubtedly Aerosmith’s best song. Some may grow tired because of the massive success it still receives on the airwaves and such, but to be released on the band’s debut album, and still be one of the best songs in rock and roll history is very impressive.

Now of course with this all said and done, there were plenty Aerosmith songs that could easily have made this list, but taking long enough battling myself in my own mind, I figured to stick with what I have. Aerosmith has been making music since 1970, and has been pretty much constantly touring since then. Through 21 Billboard top 40 hits off of 15 studio albums, selling 150 million albums worldwide, and easily Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever continues to tour and come up with new music. You have to respect that. Even songs that didn’t break out as singles are still phenomenal. Some albums are amazing because there aren’t any big singles, but combine to make a work of art. With the release of Music From Another Dimension! it seems Aerosmith isn’t ready to call it quits quite yet. The bad boys from Boston, through hardships and success, must be appreciated.

I strongly encourage anybody to give these songs a listen, and then get their hands on the entire Aerosmith discography, because it’s all well worth it.

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