Top 10 award show performances by 2012 AMAs performer P!nk

By Marissa Pessolano,

P!nk has been known to give memorable performances, and she willl be taking the stage again at the AMAs on Sunday. In anticipation, here are the top 10 P!nk award show performances.

10. ‘So What’ MTV Europe Music Awards 2008

P!nk went through the crowd while performing ‘So What’ at the 2008 EMAs. She made her way to the stage where she continued to perform, before a feather flying pillow fight broke out around her.

9. ‘Get the Party Started” Billboard Awards 2001

P!nk got the party started when she opened the 2001 Billboard Awards. She stepped out on the stage singing with a megaphone held up to the microphone. Confetti fell as she danced in front of a giant pink cake. It was the perfect way to get the audience pumped up for the start of the show.

8. ‘God is a DJ’ Billboard Awards 2003

At the 2003 Billboard Awards, P!nk performed ‘God is a DJ,’ her second single off of her third album, Try This. She falls into her dancer's arms from the top of speakers and danced on a life size record, entertaining the audience.

7. 'Stupid Girls’ Kids Choice Awards 2006

At the 2006 Kids Choice Awards, P!nk performed her song ‘Stupid Girls,’ which parodies celebrities, such as Mary-Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton, and asks “where, oh were have all the smart people gone?” P!nk performed on stage with two girls that looked like the type of girls she sings about, before being joined by ‘smart girls’ in different career outfits and a graduation gown. P!nk reportedly wanted to go into the crowd and sing the song to Lindsay Lohan, but things were arranged so that couldn’t happen. Nevertheless, it was a successful performance.

6. 'Just Like A Pill’ VMAs 2002

The first time P!nk performed at the VMAs was in 2002 when she sang ‘Just Like A Pill.’ The song was her third single from Missundaztood. P!nk had sprayed on tattoos, while wearing a tight black leather outfit that matched her short black hair. P!nk showed the world that she was not a ‘cookie cutter’ pop singer, keeping the curses in her lyrics, giving the middle finger, and then presenting an award, revealing that she was drunk. P!nk made her first performance memorable, and she only got better from there.

5. ‘Raise Your Glass’ American Music Awards 2010

With a baby on board, P!nk took the stage at the 2010 American Music Awards to perform ‘Raise Your Glass,’ her lead single off of her first compilation album, Greatest Hits…So Far!!! She delivered a high-energy performance complete with acrobatic dancers.

4. ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ VMAs 2012

P!nk is known to give memorable performances, and this year wasn’t any different. ‘Get the Party Started’ music began, and P!nk played along to the tune on a keyboard, before she was acrobatically lifted to the stage for ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss),’ the lead single from her newest album, The Truth About Love. She performed along with Rocky Horrow Picture Show style lips. P!nk ended the performance high above the stage, sitting on a pair of lips.

3. ‘So What’ VMAs 2008

P!nk performed ‘So What,’ her debut single from Funhouse, live in the back lot of the VMAs. Starting on a balcony, P!nk propelled down on a white sheet and proceeded to sing her sassy lyrics while pushing a man down stairs and throwing a rock through a window. She ends up on a stage outside in front of fans, giving an amazing performance.

P!nk - So What (Live VMA 2008) (HD 1080p) por PinkBrasil no Videolog.tv.

2. ‘Sober’ VMAs 2009

At the 2009 VMAs, P!nk was given the opportunity to show everyone what she is capable of with a trapeze performance of ‘Sober,’ her second single off of Funhouse. At the start of the song, P!nk is blindfolded before she gets lifted into the air, leaving the audience in awe and giving a memorable performance.

1. ‘Glitter in the Air’ Grammys 2010

At the 2010 Grammys, P!nk delivered a beautiful jaw-dropping acrobatic performance of ‘Glitter in the Air’ off her album, Funhouse. P!nk soared through the air on a white sheet that was dropped below stage, soaking her in water that poured down as she spun in the air. P!nk received a well deserved standing ovation.



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