Top 10 best moments of ABC’s ‘Revenge’

By Mallory Hatten,

The spellbinding, intense storyline of ABC’s hit drama Revenge has earned the show rave reviews and a huge fan base. Just a few episodes into its second season, Revenge continues to leave viewers in awe of the complex, ever-evolving lives of Emily Thorne and the Graysons, as the former seeks to give her murdered father the justice he deserves. With so many incredible moments to choose from, here are our top 10 favorites, including a bonus preview of this Sunday’s new episode!

10. In the moments leading up to Lydia’s season one rooftop tumble, Victoria approaches her ex-best friend, who had an affair with Victoria’s husband Conrad, to explain how she really feels about her.

9. During Emily and Daniel’s engagement party, the groom-to-be has a deadly confrontation with his roommate, Tyler, whom we believe to have killed Daniel. But things are not always as they seem.

8. During an intense moment of anguish after the death of Jack’s dog Sammy, Emily gives into her emotions and kisses her first true love.

7. Although Emily’s romance with Daniel began as a disguised revenge plot, she quickly began to fall for him.

6. Victoria boards a plane, looking stunning and suspicious as always. Cut to the creepy “White-Haired Man,” and we notice that Victoria’s demise will soon follow.

5. Tyler’s violent mental illness begins to threaten Emily’s life, as he convinces Amanda to hold a gun to Emily’s head.

4. Just when you think Victoria can’t get any bitchier, she drops by to give Emily an interesting engagement gift.

3. Jack proposes to his girlfriend and baby mama Amanda, believing her to be the same woman he fell in love with so many years ago.

2. In season two, a very pregnant Amanda Clark falls from the top of a banister inside the Grayson manor while probing Victoria for information about her mother.

1. Because it’s impossible to choose just one final scene, here are several highlights from season one, all equally as brilliant as the one before it.

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