Top 10 gifts NOT to get your boyfriend

By Meghan Giannotta,

Everyone wants to give the perfect gift to his or her significant other, especially around the holidays. While you may know exactly what you wouldn’t want your boyfriend to get you, sometimes it’s hard to realize your gift for him is doomed for failure. Don’t get caught this holiday season with a gift your boyfriend will wish he could return. Here’s look at ten gifts that might not be on the top of his wish list this season.

10. A holiday sweater.
While holiday characters, trees and lights are festive, most men do not want to wear them on their shirt. These presents often end up in the pile of ‘never to wear’ clothing, no matter how cute you think he will look in it.

9. A picture frame.
It’s always fun to display pictures of you and your boyfriend around your house. However, giving him a picture frame with a picture of the two of you for the holidays may not be on his wish list.

8. Socks.
Socks are a necessity- but not for the holidays. While they can make a good stocking stuffer, your man is most likely not wishing that the gift you choose to buy him involves the warmth of his feet.

7. A wallet.
Unless you know that your boyfriend definitely needs or wants a new wallet this holiday season, skip this as a gift choice. It turns out that guys may not care how new or different the wallet is. For some men, a wallet is functional, most likely not fashionable.

6. Couples gifts.
While you may be looking forward to the couples dance lessons you want to give your boyfriend for the holidays, this gift may turn out to be a gift for yourself rather than for him. Even if he enjoys couple activities, he should be able to tell that the gift is for him and not for you.

5. A gym membership.
Nothing says insulting more than buying your man a gym membership, especially if it wasn’t asked for. This can turn into another one of those gifts for yourself, rather than for him. This gift may also trap him into a membership he may not have wanted.

4. Candles.
If your boyfriend seems to be under a lot of stress this holiday season, you may think a candle will help him relax. However the sight of a sweet scented candle may not do the trick.

3. Jewelry.
Unless you specifically know that your boyfriend has a new watch or other piece of jewelry on his wish list, don’t take chances. Women can always be excited by a new necklace or bracelet, but this may not be your mans style.

2. Home Décor.
Similarly to giving your boyfriend a picture frame, the way in which he chooses to decorate his space is personal. Unless you want to get him a new watch or lamp that you know would be his taste, skip this gift. The holidays are not a chance to force your boyfriend into displaying your style preferences in his home.

1. A popular video game.
Giving your boyfriend the newest hit video game this holiday season may make him happy, but it also may doom your relationship. If you know your boyfriend will spend more time playing the video game than spending time with you, your gift is only setting him up for failure.



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