Top 10 holiday desserts

By Meghan Giannotta,

Nothing brings friends and families closer to the table during the holiday season faster than their favorite desserts. These holiday treats are only enjoyed once a year and can be as important as the turkey on the table during dinner. Certain desserts have become holiday tradition for American families. Here’s a look at ten mouthwatering sweets to look forward to this holiday season.

10. An all American Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without pumpkin or sweet potato pie. These fall-time pies have become a Thanksgiving tradition. This Best Pumpkin Pie recipe list is sure to help add an extra tasty take on Grandma’s traditional recipe.

9. Another fall-time pie that carries itself from Thanksgiving through to Christmas is apple pie. This American tradition has become a symbol of the holidays.

8. While cheesecake is often enjoyed at anytime of the year, the holidays often add a special twist to the ordinary cake. Finding red velvet cheesecake, pumpkin or chocolate cheesecake on the table this holiday season is sure to make the meal complete.

7. Gingerbread cookies and houses have become a holiday tradition for many families. Decorating these delicious edible houses and men adds a special activity to Christmas preparation.

6. Combining fruit and nuts in a holiday loaf can only result in one Christmas dessert – fruitcake. Over the years this cake has become something that many know will always be on their dessert tables. Adding nuts and raisins to fruitcake can make it something you’ll want on your plate.

5. Leaving cookies for Santa is a must, but be sure to leave some sugar cookies for the dessert table too! Decorative sugar cookies are always on the table during Christmastime. Adding frosting and sprinkles makes sugar cookie baking an extra fun holiday experience.

4. Various types of puddings also find their way to many tables during the holiday seasons. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, various puddings are enjoyed including figgy pudding, bread pudding, and banana pudding.

3. Finding cream puffs at the dessert table this holiday may make your mouth water. However, finding cream puffs served in the shape of a Christmas tree may make you want them even more! Stack these delicious holiday treats on top of one another and add colorful icing to create a Christmas tree effect.

2. The combination of mint and chocolate is extremely common during the wintertime. Chocolate and mint cakes, cookies, pies, and dessert mints are often served during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

1. Almost as common as finding a pie on the dessert table, many bake breads during the holiday seasons. Pumpkin bread, nut bread and of course, gingerbread are delicious this time of year.



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